From determining the needs of employees to delivering the proper content, while also dealing with budget constraints and deadlines, those put in charge of managing an organization’s security awareness program (SAP) have their hands full. Unfortunately, that’s how planning—the most important stage of any successful SAP—often gets overlooked.

Setting goals and developing a strategy to meet those goals should be priority No. 1. Without a plan in place, how can any organization truly stay ahead of the security curve?

Good news! The Security Awareness Company has your back! We’ve developed a SAP planning calendar that provides two views: a quarterly breakdown, and a year-long overview. We believe it’s not only important to choose the content you want to use, but to also determine how you will distribute the content and when you will take measurements of participation and success.

Below is an example plan filled out for the first quarter of 2019, complete with goals, events, assessments, and notes about how and when to deliver various materials. You can download the calendar for free here. We’ve already filled out some areas with a few suggestions, but feel free to edit it to your liking!

To take full advantage the planning calendar, use it in combination with our SAP metrics chart! The metrics chart will give you a baseline for how and when to track the things that matter the most. For more free materials and information about how to make your SAP the best that’s ever been, check out our resources page!

The Security Awareness Company works with you 1-on-1 to implement cyber awareness & compliance programs. With a greater than 95% client retention rate, we’re experts at creating human firewalls out of end-users! Get started here.

Justin Bonnema

Lead Writer at SAC
Justin left the music business to focus on his true passion: writing. A talented writer and detailed researcher, he’s involved in every department here at SAC to make sure all content is fresh and up-to-date. In his spare time, Justin writes about fantasy football for and practices mixology (he makes a mean margarita).