Here at the Security Awareness Company, we’re blessed to have a creative team that is passionate about everything they do. The content they create is beyond impressive from a standpoint of both quantity and quality. That’s why one of the hardest projects we take on each year is choosing our favorites.

Our annual Best of SAC features newsletters, posters, infographics, and more, all created over the course of 2018, and all handpicked by our staff! It contains 21 pages of short, colorful, and most importantly, informative graphics that cover everything from personal security to compliance regulations.

Why are we giving these away for free? Because our number one objective is to spread awareness about security and help create a safer internet, and we believe our materials make a difference. So, feel free to print them out, hang them around the home and office, and share them with friends and family! You can download it here.


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Justin Bonnema

Lead Writer at SAC
Justin left the music business to focus on his true passion: writing. A talented writer and detailed researcher, he’s involved in every department here at SAC to make sure all content is fresh and up-to-date. In his spare time, Justin writes about fantasy football for and practices mixology (he makes a mean margarita).