The modern-day cybersecurity landscape didn’t become what it is overnight. Decades of technological advances and cultural evolution play into our current situation. And The Security Awareness Company has been there all along, creating proactive awareness content designed with end users in mind.

When our organization was founded by Winn Schwartau back in 1991, the landscape looked quite a bit different. Ransomware wasn’t a word. The IoT (Internet of Things) didn’t exist. And the concerns of mobile security were limited.

Fast forward to present time: organizations of all shapes and sizes, all over the world, face a nearly unending storm of cyber threats. End users’ daily routines are constantly interrupted by phishing and social engineering attacks. Not a single day passes where someone, somewhere, isn’t challenged by a cybercriminal attempting to steal info or money. The threats, of course, aren’t isolated to your standard workplace. Employees that travel for work face additional layers of risk, including drive-by hacking and untrustworthy public WiFi networks. It seems no matter where we go, regardless of what we do, letting our guards down for even a second invites the worst-case scenarios.

The video above summarizes our philosophy and illustrates why hundreds of organizations all over the world choose our company to help them build hundreds of thousands of human firewalls. Keep in mind that even though it’s self-promotional, it’s not actually about us. It’s about you and your employees, and building a security awareness program that works!

The Security Awareness Company works with you 1-on-1 to implement cyber awareness & compliance programs. With a greater than 95% client retention rate, we’re experts at creating human firewalls out of end users! Get started here.

Justin Bonnema

Lead Writer at SAC
Justin left the music business to focus on his true passion: writing. A talented writer and detailed researcher, he’s involved in every department here at SAC to make sure all content is fresh and up-to-date. In his spare time, Justin writes about fantasy football for and practices mixology (he makes a mean margarita).