Ask anyone that has ever participated in community camping trips and other excursions, they’ll happily explain the fundamental value those experiences provide to adults and kids alike. That’s why our third installment of the Summer of Security takes on a camping and scouting theme. We don’t need to worry about tying strong knots or building tents in cybersecurity, but we can draw plenty of metaphors from outdoor life that apply perfectly to security awareness at work, at home, and on the go. Here are a few examples:


Take the Pledge

Most scouting programs have an oath or pledge they ask their members to memorize and repeat often. This pledge sets the groundwork for the program’s culture. Similarly, the Human Firewall Pledge promises to take various measures of security awareness with you no matter where you go, such as remaining skeptical of emails that request sensitive info and staying alert when traveling. Developing a pledge is a simple way to foster strong security practices both professionally and personally.

Leave No Trace

Responsible campers and hikers know and follow the Leave No Trace Seven Principles. They range from planning ahead to respecting wildlife and were established to ensure the longevity and safety of our beautiful planet.

We encourage individuals to leave no trace of themselves on the internet or at least handle their digital presence in a responsible manner. You wouldn’t start a campfire in a dry forest. Nor should you leave your social media profiles completely open to the public or blindly trust links and attachments you receive via email. Smart, responsible digital citizens are what Summer of Security is all about!

Pitch Your Tent on a Good Foundation

If you want to get sleep while camping, you need to ensure that your tent will withstand the elements. That means finding a secure camping space, setting up the tent correctly, and being aware of your surroundings.

Executives should view this as a metaphor for their organization’s overall security policies and practices. Your security program is a tent that gives you protection in the modern work environment. If you build that tent to achieve nothing more than checking the compliance box, maybe you won’t receive any fines or fees from the game warden, but that doesn’t mean all your stuff will stay dry during a downpour. A smart camper knows the dangers of their surroundings and sets up their camp in a manner that provides safety and durability. Build your awareness program and security culture with that same mindset.

Summer of Security 2019

As always, our goal behind Summer of Security is to ensure that awareness doesn’t get left behind in the lazy summer days or exciting summer trips. We’ll be throwing out a bundle of fun graphics all summer long that reflect the metaphors above and serve to keep security awareness in mind. Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter and follow along with the #summerofsecurity hashtag!

Justin Bonnema

Lead Writer at SAC
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