Data breaches, hackers and viruses are a daily reality for organizations across the world. Cyberattacks don’t discriminate. From small business start ups to established commercial giants, no one is safe from a potential attack. This has put an even bigger spotlight on the cybersecurity needs and practices of organizations, which, in turn, has created a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals.

There are many reasons to get into the cybersecurity field, including competitive pay and benefits, a flexible work schedule, the ever-changing technology you interact with each day, and, last but not least, the gratification that comes with helping to protect and manage sensitive and important data.

The cybersecurity careers visual below by Varonis covers different cybersecurity professions, the character traits tied to them, and also includes quotes from professionals in the field that explain how they got into cybersecurity.

The Problem Solver


Critical thinker, perceptive, analytical 

Career opportunity: incident responder

The Quick Learner 


Curious, researcher, works well under pressure

Career opportunity: security architect 

The Avenger 


Empathetic, cerebral, instinctive

Career opportunity: security engineer

The Teacher 


Helpful, Caring, Effective listening 

Career opportunity: cybersecurity consultant 

The Enthusiast


Passionate, creative, motivated

Career opportunity: penetration tester

Tips for Getting Into and Growing in The Cybersecurity Industry

  • Stay up-to-date on industry trends: Read blogs and follow influencers in the space.
  • Work on passion projects: Learn to code, practice securing networks, or join a hackathon
  • Continue your education: Devote time to training courses and certifications
  • Don’t forget to check-in with yourself: Am I in the right role to channel my specific passions?

The Biggest Areas of Opportunity

Cities With The Most Cybersecurity Jobs Openings

  1. Washington D.C.
  2. New York, NY
  3. Dallas/Fort Worth, TX
  4. Baltimore, MD
  5. Chicago, IL 

Most In-Demand Cybersecurity Careers

  1. IT Security Specialist
  2. Information Security Analyst
  3. Network Security Engineer
  4. Security Engineer
  5. Application Security Engineer

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