Last week, we received an email from Dean Chester of He’d come across our 2018 guide to Internet Safety Month resources, and thought SAC might be interested in his new Full Guide to Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students.

That got us nostalgic about our content for kids, and—with the school year just beginning—we wanted to make it as easy to access as possible.

We’ll get into the guide in a moment, but first: a selection of our own favorites:

The Security Awareness Company resources for kids and teens

  • 5 Simple Tips To Protect Your Kids Online
      • One of the Internet’s many dangerous areas for children (or anyone else, really) is social media. Remember that “anything posted online is forever,” in the words of guest blogger Anas Baig. 
  • Teens and Security: ID Theft
      • When a Vanderbilt student applied for a credit card, she realized her identity had been stolen nearly a decade prior. Review that horror story and a few others that will better prepare you for some unfortunate possibilities. 
  • 5 Traits of Security Aware Parents
      • You might feel as if you have a strong grasp of how your children use the Internet. Even if that’s true (and let’s be honest: it might not be), you need to make sure you’re doing these five things. 

The Full Guide to Internet Safety for Teens, Kids and Students

Back to the email we received from Dean: His lengthy guide is a great resource as the school year begins. It covers specific challenges for kids at all levels: pre-school, elementary, junior high, high school, and college. 

As he notes, parents are most often 1) unaware of how their children are using the Internet, and 2) unsure of how many hours their kids spend online. 

That’s a recipe for disaster in itself. And the issue doesn’t only lie with younger children. Dean notes that 60 percent of college kids admit they might be addicted to their smartphones (obviously, older generations have an issue with that, too). 

View the full guide here, and check out an excerpt below.

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