In case you haven’t offered up enough of your personal information to Facebook, the social media giant recently announced a new tool for data mining: Facebook Dating. 

It’s the latest from a company that is admittedly useful as a means of communication, but disappointingly useless as a protector against privacy concerns. This past April, they suffered another massive data breach, and there will likely be another catastrophe down the line. 

And it’s not just Facebook. Plenty of other sites—Twitter, LinkedIn and Instagram among them—have dealt with major security issues. We’ve written about all of them over the years, and thought this would be a good time to collect our resources in one place (along with others from around the Internet).

Get educated! This is a great place to start:

Tips to stay safe on social media

  • Why you should never post an Instagram pic of your boarding pass. For one, you might end up on an international criminal watch list by the time you reach the airport.
  • There are 5 major ways social media makes you vulnerable. Sometimes, the people who gain access to your accounts know more about you than your family does. 
  • Your default Instagram settings are a no-no. Here’s what you need to change. outlined an easy to-do list of security fixes (though you still need to practice good judgment afterward).
  • You’ve probably had your Facebook account for a while. Clean these things up. When’s the last time you talked to Larry, anyway?
  • Twitter is compact, which makes it convenient…most of the time, anyway. Look alive when you’re using the website no one can believe is free
  • LinkedIn is pretty professional, yeah? That should make red flags easy to spot. Become a master threat-squasher with these tips.
  • Your kid is cute. But there are things that don’t belong online. Reader’s Digest explained why some social media posts can have unanticipated negative effects on your children.
  • Here’s a recent guide everyone should read. CBS’ 48 Hours put together an excellent, informative guide for parents (and their kids, really) to manage smart-phone use. There are plenty of scary things we can access through our phones; it doesn’t do any good to ignore them. 

Social media tips: What did we miss?

Let us know what you do to stay safe on social media. Feel free to comment at the bottom of this page, send us an email or connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn

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