It’s a question that many cybersecurity program managers have: How can I get management to buy into our security awareness plan? Oftentimes, organizations are slow to invest in prevention, and it can be taxing for a manager to convince them of the value of a strong SAP.

The Security Awareness Company is here to help. We gathered a panel of experts to break down the subject and offer up tips and tricks they’ve learned through decades of experience.

Our webinar is free to watch below:

Security Awareness: Get Management to Buy In

As SAC founder Winn Schwartau explains, there are three primary threats to cybersecurity in 2019, and they have nothing to do with phishing or Russians or the technical realm. They are, in fact, “apathy, arrogance and ignorance.”

These factors lead to major breakdowns in cybersecurity. Winn goes into much more detail in the video above, and receives assists from Suzanne Gorman of KnowBe4 and Stacey Lee-Messam of SAC.

Suzanne focuses on the vantage point of managers who struggle to fight those three forces Winn introduced.

“I’ve been in this position many times throughout my career,” Suzanne says. “You’re going to have to fight (management) all the way. But you’re going to need to get them to be on your side so you can get the funding and support to get your security awareness program off the ground.”

One issue that resonates with executives, Suzanne says, is brand. When management asks, “Why do we even need a program. We’ve never been breached!” there are a couple of strong answers that are effective in shutting down this line of thinking (see the video).

“If I had one wish,” she says, “it’d be that every board of directors everywhere would be pushing security awareness to the executives within all of the organizations.”

Us too, Suzanne. Hopefully this webinar helps everyone get there.

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