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Tyler spends her days finding fresh, fun ways to teach age-old security concepts, making all of SAC's e-learning modules visually stimulating. She spends her free time traveling and perfecting her wine-tasting skills, and steals the boss’s dog on weekends.
Feb 03, 2016

Scam Alert: “Help! I had an Easter disaster in the Philippines.”

By | February 3rd, 2016|Security Awareness 101, Security Awareness Fails|

This story comes from a SAC staffer: Last spring, I received an email from a friend with the subject, “Help! I had an Easter disaster.” The subject seemed suspicious, and normally I wouldn’t even open an email with a subject like this, but the scammer who sent it used email [...]

Oct 20, 2015

Ask the Experts: How to Secure Your Home WiFi Network

By | October 20th, 2015|Ask The Experts, Tips and Tricks|

Remember the days when you actually had to plug your computer into the router in order to connect to the internet? Well, those days are long gone, and while it is mostly a good thing, there was some benefit to the old practice. It was much harder for someone to [...]

Oct 15, 2015

3 Security Awareness Life Lessons from New Hacker Show, Mr. Robot

By | October 15th, 2015|Security & Pop Culture, Security Awareness 101|

If you haven’t been watching Mr. Robot, you should. The season just ended and it’s a perfect time to catch up, not only because it’s like the best new show on television, but it can teach you a few things about how hackers and social engineers think and keep you [...]

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