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Feb20, 2018

Keeping Kids Safe from Identity Theft

By |Kids and Security, Security Awareness 101|

Your kids may not be able to do much with their social security numbers, but cyber criminals can! Identity thieves can apply for credit cards, housing, government benefits, and more if they can get their hands on a child’s information. Each year, about 1.3 million kids have their identity stolen. It’s easy for these crimes to go unnoticed too until a child turns 16 or 18. So what can you do, as a parent, to [...]

Feb15, 2018

Selling Your Stuff Online? Watch Out for These Scams

By |Ask The Experts, Security Awareness 101, Tips and Tricks|

The downside of the internet is never more prevalent than when you attempt to sell a personal item online. Whether it’s via eBay or Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace, scammers are on the constant hunt for fresh victims, especially first-timers who venture into the world of selling goods and services. For the most part, scams and scammers are easy to spot, but some are a bit more sophisticated than others. I experienced this firsthand in my [...]

Feb13, 2018

Keeping Your Photos Safe, Secure, and Private

By |Security Awareness 101, Tips and Tricks|

Every memorable moment of our lives can be captured by a photograph. Now that all of our mobile devices have cameras attached, we can easily capture all of those moments and more. But do you ever think about where a photo might end up after you take it? Maybe you are planning on posting it to one of your social media profiles. Maybe you want to send it to a loved one, or a group [...]

Feb07, 2018

Smart Home Technologies

By |Guest Post, Security & Pop Culture|

The Internet of Things, or IoT, has made our homes much smarter and our lives much more convenient and easy. It connects all of our home devices and appliances through the internet and allows us to manage them remotely. But, have you ever stopped to think about whether this convenience is actually secure? Smart home technologies and IoT devices are a great addition to our homes, but they also raise the question of security risks. [...]

Feb06, 2018

Smart Toys: The Dos and Don’ts

By |Kids and Security, Tips and Tricks|

There is a growing concern over the IoT and internet-connected toys for children. But are these smart toys really as scary as some might think? That is up to you to decide for yourself and for your children. IoT toys are vulnerable, just like anything that can be connected to the internet, but you can minimize your risks by using best security practices! If you are going to try out a smart toy for your [...]

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