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Aug22, 2019

Gambling on football? There are major security risks involved

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The college football season kicks off this week, which means tens of millions of fans can breathe easy after a long dry spell. Inevitably, a sizable portion of them will wager money on the outcomes of specific games, as well as their favorite teams’ and players’ fates. Sports Business Journal estimates that $4.9 billion was gambled on athletics in 2017 alone—and that number only includes legal bets made in Nevada. Landmark legislation across the country [...]

Aug15, 2019

Flight Info: Keep It Private, Or Risk Your Safety

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If you're an avid Twitter user, you see the same interaction play out again and again. A disgruntled traveler is fed up with their airline service — maybe there's a flight delay; maybe there's an out-of-line employee — and they take their beef public. "Hey, @SouthwestAir," the user might write, "Thanks for delaying my flight and keeping me from reaching my son's graduation." (There are hundreds of variations of this every day, spanning dozens of [...]

Aug06, 2019

Romance Scam: Beware of Your Internet Soulmate

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So, you went looking for love online, and now you've found "the one." Congratulations! We assume you've done your due diligence. Confirmed this person's identity. Looked at your relationship through a critical lens, at least for the sake of avoiding a romance scam. Wait... you've never heard of a romance scam? Oof. Is there any chance your virtual betrothed is not who they say they are? For example, do they stand to gain financially from [...]

Aug01, 2019

Cybersecurity careers: Which one is right for you?

By |Guest Post|

Data breaches, hackers and viruses are a daily reality for organizations across the world. Cyberattacks don’t discriminate. From small business start ups to established commercial giants, no one is safe from a potential attack. This has put an even bigger spotlight on the cybersecurity needs and practices of organizations, which, in turn, has created a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals. There are many reasons to get into the cybersecurity field, including competitive pay and benefits, [...]

Jul25, 2019

What can ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ teach us about Security Awareness?

By |Kids and Security, Security & Pop Culture|

I am a little behind, but I just watched Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet (the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph) and loved it. Now, I know that animated children’s movies aren’t necessarily everyone’s thing, but hear me out on this one: the main point of the movie is acknowledging your insecurities and fixing them. Spoilers ahead. I try not to explain every detail, but you’ve been warned. Summary Vanellope (a candy-kart racer in a game [...]

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