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May31, 2018

Summer of Security 2018

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Are you ready to rock and roll? Then tune into the Summer of Security! We're giving away free posters, t-shirts, infographics, and tips & tricks all summer long. We know how easy it is to forget about cyber security when you're enjoying these warm months. You have exciting travel plans, kids to take to the pool, and sun to soak up. Your data is probably the last thing on your mind! So let us keep [...]

Jun19, 2018

Internet Safety Month Resources

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June is National Internet Safety Month! How have you been celebrating? We recommend re-evaluating your technology, updating passwords, cleaning up your files, and spreading cyber awareness to your community! National Internet Safety Month is in it’s last two weeks. But just because it’s winding down doesn’t mean you can let your guard down too! There are plenty of Internet Safety Month resources you can dive into today that will help keep you safe year-round:   [...]

Jun14, 2018

How to Prevent Cyberbullying

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Cyberbullying presents a tough challenge for parents and kids alike. Young people spend a lot of time on social media sites and various chat apps, both of which offer common ground for cyberbullies. Unlike physical bullying, it’s difficult for parents to identify when their child might be a victim, especially since there are few if any, physical signs. And kids are likely to hide evidence of bullying from their families. Below are just a few ways [...]

Jun12, 2018

The 5 Best Chrome Extensions for Online Security in 2018

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Common sense has long ruled as one of the predominant functions of personal security. Simple actions such as avoiding shady websites, thinking before clicking, and using caution on social media go a long way towards avoiding most online threats. But even the most aware, cautious person could use some help preventing cybercrime. With that in mind, we rounded up five of the best Chrome extensions for 2018. And even though this is a Chrome-specific post, [...]

Jun11, 2018

Internet Safety Month 2018

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The celebration of Internet Safety Month happens every June and focuses on the security of families and kids. Internet safety requires daily attention all year long, but as summer heats up and kids are blessed with ample amounts of free time, security awareness becomes just as important as sunblock. Here are seven actions to consider in your efforts to keep yourself and your families secure in your digital lives.   Install an App That Reduces [...]

Jun06, 2018

Rock the Internet Safety Infographic

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Download here!

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