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Sep13, 2019

How to stay safe on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more

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In case you haven’t offered up enough of your personal information to Facebook, the social media giant recently announced a new tool for data mining: Facebook Dating.  It’s the latest from a company that is admittedly useful as a means of communication, but disappointingly useless as a protector against privacy concerns. This past April, they suffered another massive data breach, and there will likely be another catastrophe down the line.  And it’s not just Facebook. [...]

Sep06, 2019

Winn Schwartau selected to ISSA Hall of Fame

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We have a Hall of Famer in our midst. Winn Schwartau, the man who founded The Security Awareness Company nearly three decades ago, is set to be recognized for his countless career achievements on Oct. 1 in Dallas. The Information Security Systems Association (ISSA) is one of the security awareness world’s most prominent bodies. This week, it informed Winn of his pending induction into the ISSA Hall of Fame, and no one will be questioning [...]

Aug28, 2019

Internet Safety for Kids, Teens, and College Students

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Last week, we received an email from Dean Chester of He’d come across our 2018 guide to Internet Safety Month resources, and thought SAC might be interested in his new Full Guide to Internet Safety for Teens, Kids, and Students. That got us nostalgic about our content for kids, and—with the school year just beginning—we wanted to make it as easy to access as possible. We’ll get into the guide in a moment, [...]

Aug22, 2019

Gambling on football? There are major security risks involved

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The college football season kicks off this week, which means tens of millions of fans can breathe easy after a long dry spell. Inevitably, a sizable portion of them will wager money on the outcomes of specific games, as well as their favorite teams’ and players’ fates. Sports Business Journal estimates that $4.9 billion was gambled on athletics in 2017 alone—and that number only includes legal bets made in Nevada. Landmark legislation across the country [...]

Aug15, 2019

Flight Info: Keep It Private, Or Risk Your Safety

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If you're an avid Twitter user, you see the same interaction play out again and again. A disgruntled traveler is fed up with their airline service — maybe there's a flight delay; maybe there's an out-of-line employee — and they take their beef public. "Hey, @SouthwestAir," the user might write, "Thanks for delaying my flight and keeping me from reaching my son's graduation." (There are hundreds of variations of this every day, spanning dozens of [...]

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