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Oct10, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Security Awareness Program (SAP)

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This summer, we packaged our knowledge of the security awareness industry into a 20-minute webinar. The resulting Ultimate Guide to a Successful Security Awareness Program (SAP) is now available in full on YouTube. Here’s a summary of the presentation, straight from the slides. 1. Security Awareness Training Matters “Why does my organization need security awareness?” It prepares your human layer of defense against harmful attacks, and helps them know how to respond when those attacks [...]

Oct01, 2019

Welcome to National Cybersecurity Awareness Month 2019 #BeCyberSmart

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It's October, which means National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM) is upon us. The Security Awareness Company is once again partnering with to bring you as many resources as we can this month. NCSAM began in 2003 as an initiative to help Americans avoid common pitfalls in the cybersecurity world. This year, the National Cyber Security Alliance — which runs the event — notes that we are spending more time in front of screens than [...]

Sep27, 2019

Home Security System: 5 Tips to Buying the Best One

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We cannot take our security for granted, especially in our own homes. It is where we should be able to relax and find peace. In order to keep our homes secure, we should consider having a  security system in place. Here are a few tips to find the right system for you. Home automation When you look for the perfect home security system, choose one that also incorporates home automation. This means that the [...]

Sep13, 2019

How to stay safe on social media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and more

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In case you haven’t offered up enough of your personal information to Facebook, the social media giant recently announced a new tool for data mining: Facebook Dating.  It’s the latest from a company that is admittedly useful as a means of communication, but disappointingly useless as a protector against privacy concerns. This past April, they suffered another massive data breach, and there will likely be another catastrophe down the line.  And it’s not just Facebook. [...]

Sep06, 2019

Winn Schwartau selected to ISSA Hall of Fame

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We have a Hall of Famer in our midst. Winn Schwartau, the man who founded The Security Awareness Company nearly three decades ago, is set to be recognized for his countless career achievements on Oct. 1 in Dallas. The Information Security Systems Association (ISSA) is one of the security awareness world’s most prominent bodies. This week, it informed Winn of his pending induction into the ISSA Hall of Fame, and no one will be questioning [...]

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