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Aug16, 2018

Cost-Saving Ways to Implement a Cyber Security Plan

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The obligations of maintaining sufficient cybersecurity are growing for individuals, businesses, and governments alike. The global cyber security market, once valued at $3.5 billion in 2004, is projected to reach $231 billion by 2022. The number of targets at risk is also growing at an alarming rate. According to experts at Intel, our planet could have 200 billion connected devices by 2020, about 26 “smart objects” for every single person on Earth. Even with growing [...]

Aug09, 2018

Best Security Practices for Work on the Road Infographic

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Download here!

Aug09, 2018

Why Clickbait is Dangerous and What You Can Do About It

By |Ask The Experts, Security & Pop Culture, Security Awareness 101|

This Couple Stopped Drinking Tap Water for a Year: The Results Will Shock You! A distant relative to spam, clickbait has long plagued social media sites and search engines. The ever-important “click” generates more value than the actual content hidden behind the headline. Most of this is the direct result of a viral economy. Attention-grabbing headlines equal clicks. Clicks equal traffic. Traffic equals advertisers. Advertisers equal money. That’s why clickbait headlines, like the one [...]

Jul29, 2018

How to “Smartphone” Responsibly

By |Kids and Security, Tips and Tricks|

With great power comes great responsibility, and our smartphones have a lot of power! These days we rely on our phones for communication, transportation, payment, and so much more. It’s hard for many of us to imagine life without a phone in hand. What should you do (and NOT do) to be a responsible, secure, polite, smartphone operator?   1. DON’T allow your phone to distract you from your surroundings You know how easy it [...]

Jul24, 2018

Threat Intelligence: Approaching Security Awareness the Smart Way

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Technological progress has always been a double-edged sword empowering organizations of all sizes to digitalize their processes but also creating room for multiple types of hacking attacks and scams. In order to manage this tension and leverage online assets such as websites, email, and third-party applications, it’s necessary to think ahead and take steps to protect customers, employees, and everyone else from cyberfraud. For that reason, companies have increased funding for combating economic crime. But [...]

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