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Aug06, 2019

Romance Scam: Beware of Your Internet Soulmate

By |Security Awareness 101, Security Awareness Fails|

So, you went looking for love online, and now you've found "the one." Congratulations! We assume you've done your due diligence. Confirmed this person's identity. Looked at your relationship through a critical lens, at least for the sake of avoiding a romance scam. Wait... you've never heard of a romance scam? Oof. Is there any chance your virtual betrothed is not who they say they are? For example, do they stand to gain financially from [...]

Aug01, 2019

Cybersecurity careers: Which one is right for you?

By |Guest Post|

Data breaches, hackers and viruses are a daily reality for organizations across the world. Cyberattacks don’t discriminate. From small business start ups to established commercial giants, no one is safe from a potential attack. This has put an even bigger spotlight on the cybersecurity needs and practices of organizations, which, in turn, has created a huge demand for cybersecurity professionals. There are many reasons to get into the cybersecurity field, including competitive pay and benefits, [...]

Jul25, 2019

What can ‘Ralph Breaks The Internet’ teach us about Security Awareness?

By |Kids and Security, Security & Pop Culture|

I am a little behind, but I just watched Disney’s Ralph Breaks the Internet (the sequel to Wreck-It Ralph) and loved it. Now, I know that animated children’s movies aren’t necessarily everyone’s thing, but hear me out on this one: the main point of the movie is acknowledging your insecurities and fixing them. Spoilers ahead. I try not to explain every detail, but you’ve been warned. Summary Vanellope (a candy-kart racer in a game [...]

Jul18, 2019

Disaster Recovery: Ensuring security and privacy

By |Guest Post|

When the unthinkable happens, it’s imperative that you have your critical systems and data backed up and ready for restoration. But if you aren’t taking the necessary measures to keep your disaster recovery process secure, you’ve only done half your job. Here are a few things every disaster recovery plan needs to take into account for privacy and security.  When it comes to disaster recovery, most businesses only cover the basics. They’ve got backups and [...]

Jul11, 2019

Car hacking: How secure is your vehicle?

By |Guest Post|

As vehicle technology advances, interconnectivity increases. Cars are now smarter than ever, and with increased tech comes increased vulnerability. Car hacking, while not common, is becoming a more and more pressing issue. And the consequences can range from minor to outright devastating. In 2015, security researchers Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller remotely hacked a Jeep Cherokee while reporter Adam Green was driving it down a busy highway. Green had agreed to this and was aware [...]

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