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Mar14, 2019

5 Traits of Security Aware Parents

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There are many traits parents wish to pass along to their kids, such as honesty and kindness. But what about security awareness? Our young, digital citizens live in a connected world that hosts everything from gaming to school work. More than ever, they need guidance to help them avoid the constant threats associated with the internet. Below are five traits of security aware parents that enable children to succeed in their digital lives.   They [...]

Mar01, 2019

Bad Habits of Senior Managers That Put Security of Organizations at Risk

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With great job titles come great responsibilities. C-level employees, senior management, and upper-level members of all organizations work challenging shifts. Sometimes, those challenges lead to habits that could undermine the security of an organization. If you’re in a position of power, it’s your job to reduce risky behavior, such as in the examples that follow, and ensure that your actions lay the groundwork for the organization to succeed.   Not Participating in Training Managers [...]

Feb11, 2019

Why Personal Security Is Important to Awareness Programs

By |Ask The Experts, Security Awareness 101, Security Awareness Programs|

No organization wants to end up in the headlines as the next corporate victim of a major data breach. For that reason, security awareness programs have become a staple component of every business, in nearly every industry, regardless of size or global reach. But there’s a huge difference between programs that set out to simply check the compliance box and those that actively work towards creating strong human firewalls. The latter group proves that they [...]

Feb05, 2019

Security Awareness: Top 10 Tips

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Security awareness is an ongoing process and should be so incorporated into your everyday life, that you can do it without really thinking about it. Consider the following list of our Top 10 Security Awareness Tips: How many are already part of your day-to-day functions? Are there any that you do without even realizing it? Which ones can you improve upon? 10. Always Be Alert Don't let busy work days and deadlines pull your focus [...]

Jan24, 2019

Data Privacy Day and You

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January 28 is the annual celebration of Data Privacy Day, the goal of which is to raise awareness and highlight the importance of protecting data. This year’s theme is “Respecting Privacy, Safeguarding Data, and Enabling Trust.” To learn more about what the day means and how to get involved, check out Stay Safe Online. You can also follow the hashtag #PrivacyAware to join the conversation on social media. So, what can you do to celebrate? [...]

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