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Jun15, 2017

Identity Theft: 5 Steps To Take Immediately If Yours is Stolen

By |Ask The Experts, Tips and Tricks|

So, your identity was stolen. Now what? First, take a deep breath. Try not to panic. It’s a frustrating and scary situation but you are not alone. It happens to millions of people each year. According a study by Javelin Strategy and Research, 6.15 percent of consumers fell victim to ID theft last year in the United States alone—2 million more than in 2015. Thankfully, you have plenty of resources to help you along your [...]

Jun13, 2017

The Summer of Security

By |Free Stuff, Tips and Tricks|

Are you having a busy summer, filled with fun summery activities? We are! But don't let a full schedule lead to lax security. Instead, join us for The Summer of Security during these long days and warm nights! We'll give you all the tips and tricks you need to know while you travel, take photos, share on social media, and browse the web this summer. Keep an eye out for our cyber security tips, infographics, and [...]

Jun09, 2017

Yes, You Need Security Awareness Training

By |Ask The Experts, Security Awareness 101, Security Awareness Programs|

One of the job perks of working in the cybersecurity industry is getting to the know the community. From social media to conferences, I’ve been fortunate enough to meet and talk with several security awareness program managers, software developers, professionals of many hats, IT admins, and even some government officials. Their stories are all different but they all have a common theme: information security is a human issue. Even as security technology gets better, most [...]

Jun07, 2017

PCI FAQs and Myths

By |Ask The Experts, Tips and Tricks|

It didn’t take long for debit and credit cards to take over as the main payment method for consumers—a trend that spiked as e-commerce grew and online purchases became the norm. This change in culture came brought a need for new regulations; a way to ensure that consumer data is being protected worldwide. Recognizing this need, the payment card industry developed a set of minimum standards known as PCI-DSS, or Payment Card Industry Data Security [...]

Jun06, 2017

Cyber Security Risks On Social Media: 5 Ways Users Are Vulnerable

By |Ask The Experts, Guest Post|

Cyber security, the process of protecting systems, network and data in cyberspace, is becoming increasingly important. This is particularly the case nowadays with the rapid developments in technology. As technology advances, social media platforms have gained their popularity, with the majority of the population using them these days. These social platforms allow people to freely express their feelings and engage with the world via the web. However, whilst social media users are so busy building [...]

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