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Jul17, 2018

How To Maintain Security When Employees Work Remotely

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Remote working is great – but it presents security challenges that have to be addressed.   The modern workplace is markedly different from the 9-5 equivalent of even 15 years ago. Mature businesses offer a variety of schemes to entice information workers into challenging jobs and provide hours that suit them. Many employers provide flextime, some offer career breaks and an increasing proportion offer remote working as an option. Remote working is simply a [...]

Jul12, 2018

Pretexting and the Psychology of a Scam

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Social engineering–the use of psychological manipulation to gain and abuse the trust of humans. Social engineers have long taken advantage of human emotions. It’s how they’re able to convince people to divulge sensitive information or provide access to controlled areas of buildings and offices. The tactics that scammers use have been around forever–particularly pretexting. A pretext is a made-up scenario designed to trick people into trusting the scammer. Most, if not all, social engineers use some [...]

Jul11, 2018

Sound Check Infographic

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Jun30, 2018

Social Media Day Infographic

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Jun28, 2018

Festival Security Infographic

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Summer ushers in a variety of wonderful festivals, outdoor events, and celebrations. From beer, food, and wine, to music, arts, and crafts, the warm months offer something for everyone. But public gatherings also come with safety hazards, especially if the event takes place outside in the peak of summer heat. With that in mind, as a part of our inaugural Summer of Security campaign from 2017, we created a handy infographic full of great tips [...]

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