Apr 13, 2016

How to Market Your SAP

By | April 13th, 2016|Launching SA Programs, Managing SA Programs, Planning SA Programs|

Large organizations from around the world - and future clients - come to us with questions about how to best plan, launch and manage their internal security awareness programs — questions about metrics and subject matter, types of content and LMS specifics. But one of the most common questions we [...]

Apr 06, 2016

PhishLine’s Methods for Overcoming Resistance to Your Security Awareness Training Program

By | April 6th, 2016|Guest Post, Launching SA Programs, Managing SA Programs, Planning SA Programs|

The following is a guest post from our partner PhishLine. Some organizations struggle to gain user acceptance of an IT security training program. Reasons provided might include the training is too boring, technical, childish, cartoonish, ominous, or any number of other subjective measures. Perhaps you have been told the training [...]

Jan 21, 2016

PhishLine’s Secrets to a Successful Training Reward Program

By | January 21st, 2016|Guest Post, Launching SA Programs, Managing SA Programs, Planning SA Programs|

The following is a guest post from our partner PhishLine. Most successful security awareness programs leverage some kind of reward for participation, completion of training, and demonstration of safe behaviors. Organizations who need to take their program to the next level require a thoughtful and proven approach to create the [...]

Sep 21, 2015

Security and Pop Culture: What Disney Can Teach Us About Security Awareness Training Programs

By | September 21st, 2015|Launching SA Programs, Managing SA Programs, Planning SA Programs, Security & Pop Culture|

  Who says you can’t learn things from kids’ movies? Disney movies are full of great lessons about life and love and friendship. But did you know that some of our favorite Disney movies can teach you a thing or two about running a successful security awareness program? No? Well, [...]

Sep 08, 2015

5 Ways to get user buy-in & participation in your Cyber Security Awareness Program

By | September 8th, 2015|Launching SA Programs, Managing SA Programs, Tips and Tricks|

Sometimes it’s tough to get users to participate in your information security awareness program. Employees don’t want MORE work thrust upon them, even if it is something that will help them be better at their jobs (and help protect their families at home)! So you, the project manager for the [...]

Aug 18, 2015

How to get more user participation: Bribe Your Users

By | August 18th, 2015|Launching SA Programs, Managing SA Programs|

This post comes to you from our Creative Director, Ashley Schwartau.   During the first week of my freshman year in college, Citibank set up a table outside of the cafeteria with peppy marketing folks cajoling students to sign up for a credit card. “Sign up today and get a [...]

Jun 12, 2015

How to Create an Engaging SAP That Your Employees Will Love

By | June 12th, 2015|Launching SA Programs, Planning SA Programs|

Many companies make timid, awkward and ineffective attempts at teaching their staff about company security policies. This occurs because most corporate security policies are boring, unintelligible tomes. I'm dying of boredom. Ergo: No one pays attention to them. We spend a lot of time helping companies get their [...]

Nov 11, 2014

Security Awareness IS Important.

By | November 11th, 2014|Launching SA Programs, Planning SA Programs, Security Awareness 101|

You have your Facebook profile set to private. You delete phishing emails like a champ. So why do you need any security awareness training? Security Awareness is one of things where the moment you think you understand everything, you understand nothing and are vulnerable to attacks. Did you know that [...]

Oct 17, 2014

How to Make Your Security Awareness Program Fail: ISSA International 2014

By | October 17th, 2014|Launching SA Programs, Managing SA Programs, Planning SA Programs, Security Awareness Fails, Winn Schwartau|

How to Make a Security Awareness Program… FAIL! Ready for some free advice? This information is pulled from a talk that our founder will be giving at next week's International ISSA Conference in Orlando.    Winn Schwartau: Security, Privacy, Infowar, and Cyber-Terrorism Expert Are you ready for a wake-up call? [...]

Aug 22, 2014

Ask The Experts: How Do I Start A New Security Awareness Program?

By | August 22nd, 2014|Ask The Experts, Launching SA Programs|

Planning your program takes time and all the better coordinated with a team who has done it before, but it can be done! Here are a few things to keep in mind when planning. 1. Put all ideas on paper, no matter how crazy. Remove them explicitly by consensus, not [...]

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