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Security Concepts

M-SC-002    Data Classification (6.5 mins)
M-SC-003    How to be a Human Firewall (15 mins)
M-SC-004    Identification & Authentication (17 mins)
M-SC-006    Malware (7 mins)
M-SC-008    Non-Technical Security (10 mins)
M-SC-009    Password Basics (7.5 mins)
M-SC-010    Privacy (14 mins)
M-SC-011    Proper Computer Disposal (5 mins)
M-SC-012    Secure Online Behavior (11 mins)
M-SC-014    Security Triads (5 mins)
M-SC-015    Social Engineering (7 mins)
M-SC-017    Top Ten Security Awareness Fundamentals (17 minutes)
M-SC-018    WiFi (7 mins)
M-SC-019    Call Center & Help Desk Awareness Module (15 mins)
M-SC-020    Phishing (6.5 mins)
M-SC-021    Understanding and Protecting PII (15 mins)
M-SC-022    Top Ten Security Awareness for New Hires (17 mins)
M-SC-023    Computer Security & Data Protection (14 mins)
M-SC-024    Executive Awareness & Leadership
M-SC-025    Workplace Violence & Safety
M-SC-026    Active Shooter & Physical Incident Response (5-10 mins)

Technical Modules

M-TC-001    OWASP Top Ten (90 mins; interactive)


M-C-001    FERPA (9 mins)
M-C-002    FFIEC (14 mins)
M-C-003    GLBA (9 mins)
M-C-004    HIPAA (15 mins)
M-C-005    PCI-DSS (15 mins)
M-C-006    Sarbane Oxley (14 mins)
M-C-007    Workforce Safety and Compliance (15 mins)
M-C-008    HIPAA For Non-Medical Professionals (19 mins)

M-C-009    FERC NERC for End-Users
M-C-010    Cross Border Data Protection
M-C-011    FERC NERC for Managers and Executives

Interactive Learning

M-ILM-001     Data Classification (7-10 mins)
M-ILM-002    How to Be a Human Firewall (15-18 mins)
M-ILM-003    Social Engineering & Phishing for Executives (14-16 mins)
M-ILM-004    Understanding & Protecting PII (15-18 mins)
M-ILM-005    Computer Security & Data Protection (15-18 mins)
M-ILM-006    Top 10 SA Fundamentals TEST OUT Version (17 mins)
M-ILM-007    Call Center & Help Desk (14-16 mins)
M-ILM-008    Phishing Andrew’s Inbox (5-7 mins)
M-ILM-010    Ransomware (10-15 mins)
M-ILM-011    Top 10 SA Fundamentals TEST OUT Version
M-ILM-012    Malware ILM (5 mins)

DIY: Create Your Own

Don’t see exactly what you want? Combine a variety of existing modules, games and videos to create your own custom awareness module. Need to add in company-specific policy information? Give us the script, let us create the slides! We can add specific videos, images, links, audio, and quiz questions.

Please Note: Hourly production charges will apply for all custom work.

Security Express

V-SE-001    A Day of Bad Passwords
V-SE-002    APTs
V-SE-003    Back Up
V-SE-004    Being a Human Firewall
V-SE-005    Beyond Phishing
V-SE-006    Cyber Crime Starts with You
V-SE-008    Data Breaches and You
V-SE-009    Data Classification Overview
V-SE-010    Data Loss and Insider
V-SE-011    Dumpster Diving
V-SE-012    Email Spoofing
V-SE-013    Examples of Insider Jobs
V-SE-014    Examples of Phishing
V-SE-015    Firewalls
V-SE-016    Free Wifi
V-SE-017    Human Firewall and Data Classification
V-SE-018    Introduction to the Cloud
V-SE-019    Laptop Security
V-SE-020    Making Strong Passwords
V-SE-023    Mobile Cyber Crime
V-SE-024    Mobile Security Overview
V-SE-025    Mouse Overs
V-SE-026    Non Technical Security Skills
V-SE-027    Password Security
V-SE-028    Phishing Contest Winner
V-SE-029    Phishing From Facebook
V-SE-030    Phishing From Netflix
V-SE-031    Phishing From Your Bank
V-SE-032    Phishing in Action
V-SE-033    Physical Security Threats
V-SE-034    PII and Compliance
V-SE-035    Pretexting 1 (Fake Fraud Protection)
V-SE-036    Pretexting 2 (Fake Help Desk)
V-SE-037    Pretexting: Fake Executive to I.T.
V-SE-038    Pretexting: From Fake Credit Card Company
V-SE-039    Pretexting: Fake Employee to Help Desk
V-SE-040    Pretexting From Fake I.T.
V-SE-041    Privacy Vs. Security
V-SE-042    Proper Hard Drive Disposal
V-SE-044    Safe Surfing 1: HTTP vs HTTPS & Online Authentication
V-SE-045    Safe Surfing 2: Trust, Scams & Social Media
V-SE-046    Security Myths Busted
V-SE-047    Social Engineering Definition
V-SE-048    Social Media Data Mining
V-SE-049    Spam
V-SE-050    The CIA Triad
V-SE-051    The Domains Triad
V-SE-052    The Many Lives Triad
V-SE-053    TMI
V-SE-054    Types of Social Engineering
V-SE-055    What Does a Social Engineer Look Like?
V-SE-056    What is I.D. Theft
V-SE-057    What is PII?
V-SE-058    Why Security Awareness?
V-SE-059    Low-Tech Hacks to Steal Your ID
V-SE-060    The Many Lives of PII
V-SE-061    Social Networking Do’s and Don’t’s
V-SE-062    Social Media
V-SE-063    Understanding Encryption
V-SE-065    10 ways to avoid phishing scams
V-SE-066    10 ways to keep PII private
V-SE-067    10 ways to stay safe on social media
V-SE-068    Incident Response 101
V-SE-069    Your Security Awareness Journey
V-SE-070    Non-Technical & Physical Security Tips & Tricks
V-SE-071     Dangers of USBs
V-SE-072    Catching Malware
V-SE-073    Data Breach Overview
V-SE-074    Introduction to Ransomware
V-SE-075    Data Breach Overview
V-SE-076    The Human Firewall’s Top Concerns in All 3 Domains

Animated Security Express

V-SE-027    Password Security
V-SE-028    Phishing: Contest Winner
V-SE-029    Phishing: From Facebook
V-SE-030    Phishing: From Netflix
V-SE-031    Phishing: From Your Bank
V-SE-032    Phishing in Action
V-SE-033    Physical Security Threats
V-SE-034    PII and Compliance
V-SE-035    Pretexting: Fake Fraud Detection
V-SE-036    Pretexting: Fake Help Desk
V-SE-037    Pretexting: Fake Executive to I.T.
V-SE-038    Pretexting: From Fake Credit Card Company
V-SE-039    Pretexting: Fake Employee to Help Desk
V-SE-040    Pretexting: From Fake I.T.

Information Security Announcements

V-ISA-001    Phishing
V-ISA-002    Tailgating
V-ISA-003    Think Twice
V-ISA-004    Clean Deck
V-ISA-005    Passwords
V-ISA-006    Pop Ups
V-ISA-007    Removable Media
V-ISA-008    Password Handling
V-ISA-009    HTTPS
V-ISA-010    Free WiFi
V-ISA-011    Printouts
V-ISA-012    Malicious Attachments
V-ISA-013    Spyware
V-ISA-014    Spear Phishing
V-ISA-015    Confidential Material
V-ISA-016    Shoulder Surfing
V-ISA-017    USB Drop
V-ISA-018    WiFi at Home
V-ISA-019    Unauthorized Installs
V-ISA-021    Chainmail
V-ISA-022    Dumpster Diving
V-ISA-023    CEO Scam
V-ISA-024    Key Logger
V-ISA-025    Social Engineering

Photographic Art

A-PE-001    Buckle Up
A-PE-002    Confused By Our Security Policies?
A-PE-003    Ctrl+Alt+Delete
A-PE-004    Did you click a Phishing Link?
A-PE-005    Did You Follow Policy?
A-PE-006    Did You Forget to Backup?
A-PE-007    Do You Know Our Policies?
A-PE-008    Do You Know Your Security Responsibilities?
A-PE-009    Don’t Be Phishing Bait
A-PE-010    Do You Download Apps?
A-PE-011    Facebook Sharing
A-PE-012    How do you know if your ID has been stolen?
A-PE-013    Be a Human Firewall Knight
A-PE-014    GLBA Financial Privacy Rule
A-PE-015    Shred & Shed: Let’s Get Physical Shredder
A-PE-016    Lost Laptops
A-PE-017    Lost Mobile Devices
A-PE-018    Messy Desk Clean Up Your Act
A-PE-019    Messy Desks are Security Risks
A-PE-020    Never Share Passwords
A-PE-021    Need Help With Passwords?
A-PE-022    Treat Your Passwords Like Toothbrush
A-PE-023    Perils of the Internet
A-PE-024    Report Anything Unusual
A-PE-025    Report Strange Incidents
A-PE-026    Safe Surfing
A-PE-027    Secure Network
A-PE-028    Watch Out for Shoulder Surfers
A-PE-029    Strong Passwords
A-PE-030    Strong Passwords (Woman)
A-PE-031    Think before you click
A-PE-032    Treat your passwords like Underwear
A-PE-033    Do You Trust The Delivery Man?
A-PE-034    Types of Malware
A-PE-035    What can you say on social media?
A-PE-036    What is the cloud anyway?
A-PE-037    What should I do if I lose my phone?
A-PE-038    What should you do if you get phished?
A-PE-039    Changed Your Password?
A-PE-040    Point of Sale – PCI-DSS
A-PE-041    Social Engineering
A-PE-042    Be A Human Firewall – Always Follow Policy
A-PE-043    Do You Know Malware? (Spider)
A-PE-044    Do You Know Malware? (Warning)
A-PE-045    What is PII?
A-PE-046    Recognize and Protect PII
A-PE-047    Stop Think Connect
A-PE-048    Keep Secrets Secret
A-PE-049    Forget Passwords – Use Passphrases
A-PE-050    Lock Your Workstation
A-PE-051    See Something Strange – Report It
A-PE-052    Shhh! Keep Company Conversations Private
A-PE-053    Login Info Is Private
A-PE-054    Ransomware Encrypts Your Data
A-PE-055    Ransomware Just One Click
A-PE-056    Ransomware is a Malicious Program
A-PE-057    Tips to Avoid Ransomware
A-PE-058    Incident Response is All About Time
A-PE-059     Don’t Be a Puppet
A-PE-060    Together We Are a Human Firewall
A-PE-061     Something Out of the Ordinary
A-PE-062    Don’t Let Social Engineers in Your Head
A-PE-063    Got a Problem?
A-PE-064    Unfamiliar Persons?
A-PE-065    Don’t Use the Dog’s Name as a Password
A-PE-066    Information Security is Up to All of Us
A-PE-067    Bad Guys Don’t Always Wear Masks
A-PE-068    I Know What You Did Last Friday
A-PE-069    Work Phone Lost or Stolen?
A-PE-070    Mobile Phones Personal Data
A-PE-071    Definition: Click Happy
A-PE-072    Definition: Phish Face
A-PE-073    Expired Passwords
A-PE-074    Do You Know What You’re Downloading?
A-PE-075    Know the Signs: Be Alert
A-PE-076    Know the Signs: No Thru Traffic
A-PE-077    Know the Signs: Report It Immediately
A-PE-078    Know the Signs: Stop
A-PE-079    Know the Signs: When In Doubt
A-PE-080    Know the Signs: Wrong Way
A-PE-081    Kiss Your Data Goodbye
A-PE-082    Can You Spot A Social Engineer
A-PE-083    HIPAA Is More Than Just Compliance
A-PE-084    HIPAA Isn’t Just For Medical Professionals
A-PE-085    Protected Health Information
A-PE-086    Healthcare Requires Data Care
A-PE-087    Tax Season Got You Flustered?
A-PE-088    Don’t Be Fooled (IRS)
A-PE-089    The IRS Will Never Threaten You
A-PE-091    GLBA Pretexting Protection
A-PE-092    GLBA Safeguards Rule
A-PE-093    EU-US Privacy Shield
A-PE-094    Weakest Link
A-PE-095    GDPR is Coming May 2018
A-PE-096    Don’t Leave Us In the Dark
A-PE-097    Do You Know FERC/NERC?
A-PE-098    Critical Assets In Your Hands
A-PE-099    Don’t Turn Off the Lights
A-PE-100    No information without Protection
A-PE-101    Transferring Data Across Borders
A-PS-001    Be Alert
A-PS-002    No Thru
A-PS-003    Report
A-PS-004    Stop
A-PS-006    Confused
A-PS-007    Wrong Way

Illustrated Art

A-VI-001    Do You Think Before You Click? (City)
A-VI-002    Have You Been Soc. Eng. Lately
A-VI-003    ID Theft Stats
A-VI-004    Information Security Is Your Responsibility (Shield)
A-VI-005    Information Security Is Your Responsibility (World)
A-VI-006    Keep Clean Desk
A-VI-007    Mobile Devices Personal Data
A-VI-008    Mobile Surfing Safety
A-VI-009    Social Engineers Target People
A-VI-010    The Cloud Is Someone Else’s Computer
A-VI-011    Treat Your Passwords Like Underpants
A-VI-012    Use Mobile Devices Safely
A-VI-013    Cardholder Data – PCI-DSS
A-VI-014    Do You Think Before You Click (Hands)
A-VI-015    HIPAA Penalties
A-VI-016    Protecting Data Across Borders


A-VS-001    Always Follow Policy Everywhere
A-VS-002    Always Stay in Touch with Mobile Devices
A-VS-003    Backup
A-VS-004    Know Your Badge Policy
A-VS-006    Confidential Documents
A-VS-007    600 Million Types of Malware
A-VS-008    MitM
A-VS-009    Treat Your Password Like Your Toothbrush
A-VS-010    Don’t Get Hooked By Phishing Scams
A-VS-011    Report It Immediately
A-VS-012    Shred
A-VS-013    Smartphones
A-VS-014    Social Engineering (Gears)
A-VS-015    Social Media
A-VS-016    USB
A-VS-017    WiFi Hot Spot
A-VS-018    Digital Signature
A-VS-019    Break Up With Your Password
A-VS-020    Piggybacking
A-VS-021    Tailgating
A-VS-022    Tax Season Checklist

Typographic Art

A-VT-001    Anatomy of a Phishing Email
A-VT-002    Human Firewall – Words
A-VT-004    Triad Classic
A-VT-005    Triad Many Lives
A-VT-006    Triad SNL Passwords
A-VT-007    The Security Domains Triad
A-VT-008    Keep Calm – Think Before You Click
A-VT-009    Keep Calm – Change Your Password
A-VT-010    Keep Calm – Report Security Incidents
A-VT-011    Keep Calm – Ask If You Don’t Know
A-VT-012    Keep Calm – Follow Policy
A-VT-013    Keep Calm – Delete Phishing Emails

Custom Art

Don’t see exactly what you want? Give us the messaging you need and the type of imagery you want used. We will create something that points to company-specific goals for your security awareness program.

Please Note: Hourly production charges will apply for all custom work.

Trivia Games

M-G-001    SA101 Jeopardy or Categories
M-G-003    Human Firewall Jeopardy or Categories
M-G-004    Phishing Identification Jeopardy or Categories
M-G-005    Social Engineering Jeopardy or Categories
M-G-006    Password Jeopardy or Categories
M-G-007    Phishing Awareness Jeopardy or Categories
M-G-008    SA101 Big Business or Balloon Pop
M-G-010    Human Firewall Big Business or Balloon Pop
M-G-011    Phishing Awareness Big Business or Balloon Pop
M-G-012    Social Engineering Big Business or Balloon Pop
M-G-013    Password Big Business or Balloon Pop
M-G-014    Phishing Identification Big Business or Balloon Pop
M-G-015    SA101 World Race or Alpine Skiing
M-G-017    Human Firewall World Race or Alpine Skiing
M-G-018    Phishing Awareness World Race or Alpine Skiing
M-G-019    Phishing Identification World Race or Alpine Skiing
M-G-020    Social Engineering World Race or Alpine Skiing
M-G-021    Password World Race or Alpine Skiing
M-G-022    Social Engineering Millionaire Game
M-G-023    SA 101 Casino Challenge (T/F)
M-G-024    SA101 Card Stack

DIY: Create Your Own

Don’t see exactly what you want? Want to design your own game? We can use one of our existing templates or help you design a game from scratch. The possibilities are endless!

Please Note: Hourly production charges will apply for all custom work.

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