Eye-Catching Artwork Reinforces Awareness Messages

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Our extensive collection of Security Awareness artwork includes many different styles and messages that you can use to reinforce the ideas in your program. We are able to offer the work of exclusive artists who can easily replicate and conform to varied artistic tastes and corporate cultures.

We sell unlimited internal-use-only licenses to each piece so that you can use the art in whatever way you choose, although printing posters to hang around the office is the most common approach. You can license artwork individually, or in packages. You can use the art for screensavers, embed in intranet applications, or anything else you can think of. Artwork is provided electronically in all standard graphic formats.

We can brand our artwork (or yours!) with your company logo and incident response information. Look through our library of images, filtering by style if you choose, and pick the ones best suited for your company.

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4 Styles of Artwork to Choose From

All of our artwork is available in either JPG or PDF format (or both), and comes at a default size of 11″ x 17″. All of our artwork, except the photographic posters, are scalable. If you need us to resize and/or scale to larger sizes, we can do so with the purchase of custom production hours. To see all 100+ of our current posters, request access to our Program Planning & Content Demo portal today!


Security Awareness Artwork - Do you know malware? Stay safe online


Security Awareness Artwork - Do you know malware? Stay safe online


Security Awareness Artwork - Do you know malware? Stay safe online


Security Awareness Artwork - Do you know malware? Stay safe online

What can you do with artwork?

Cyber Realm

  • You may choose to include PDF or JPG versions of the posters in company-wide emails or attach them as part of a company policy document
  • Many office buildings use digital signs (giant monitors) where you can conveniently display on a loop important security messages.
  • More than 40% of our clients turn their artwork into screensavers and set them as desktop backgrounds.
  • Organizations that employ an intranet can post and share the JPG versions just as they would share images on any social network; start a discussion amongst your employees!

And if you don’t want to do any of that yourself, we offer screensavers and digital signage.

Physical Realm

More than 75% of our clients print out and hang their awareness posters around their offices in common areas such as lobbies, break rooms, conference rooms and hallways. (We recommend hanging them in bathroom stalls, too!) All of our posters are designed to be printed at the standard tabloid size 11 x 17 (for easy printing at office and copy stores), and many of our posters are also designed for the larger 18×24 size. Many clients print out the posters on a a standard 8.5 x 11 piece of paper and include as handouts during in-person training.

Human Realm

  • Have a scavenger hunt challenging your employees to find ALL 12 awareness posters in the office.
  • Play Pin the Security Cat on the poster at an office party.
  • Encourage everyone to print out their favorite poster and hang in their offices; the most unique placement receives a prize.
  • Have a “Security Awareness Caption Contest” and have employees re-caption posters with humorous photos.
Medical Professionals Love Eye-Catching Security Awareness HIPAA Artwork

Why use awareness artwork in awareness programs?

Security awareness is advertising. Think of posters and artwork as your print and magazine campaign; you want your messages to be ingrained into the minds of your users, and the only way to do that is to keep the message forefront in your staff’s minds. If doesn’t matter if that message is on a billboard, in the middle of Times Square or in the elevator at work. Keep the messaging in front of their eyes and therefore in the fronts of their minds.

Frequency and repetition of messaging leads to deeper awareness and understanding. An old marketing adage called the Rule of 7 says that potential customers needs to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action. Hang your posters everywhere, ensuring that your users see your message more than seven times. If you tell them at the end of a module how to report a security incident, that message won’t immediately stick; but if they see a visual reminder consistently throughout the day, it will become ingrained.

Brand recognition adds legitimacy to your awareness program. Think about it like this: which brands do you trust more? Those that you see ads for frequently on TV, in magazines, in subways, etc., or the quirky off-brand, that probably tastes just as good, that you’ve seen at a few grocery stores? The more familiar we become with a brand, the more often we think about it, and you want your users thinking about security awareness. When security is at the top of their mind, then they do not hesitate to report incidents or ask for help.

How to Market Your Security Awareness Program
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