Awareness & Learning Games

Games offer engaging, interactive micro learning opportunities. Interactivity is the key to engagement. Games don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming in order to encourage active learning. Why wouldn’t you want to include fun, visually appealing, familiar games as part of your security awareness campaign?

Pick the games you like the best. We provide all the questions, but you can customize any game or quiz with your own questions for an additional cost. We can build a game into an existing module, though we recommend publishing them as stand-alone items, separate from other elearning modules.

Best of all? Games are LMS-friendly and SCORM compliant. Metrics allow you to measure progress easily. We build scores of interactive graded (SCORM / AICC / TinCan API) or ungraded (Intranet / Archer / Sharepoint / Local viewing) assessments for existing courseware and custom training materials.

Trivia Games

Your users will love the familiarity of our interactive games. Use them as part of a module, to reinforce training concepts, or as post-assessments with grade-tracking in your LMS.

Game options include:

  • Alpine Skiing
  • Balloon Pop
  • Big Business
  • Categories
  • Jeopardy
  • World Race
  • Card Stack
  • Casino Challenge (True/False)
  • Millionaire Game

Why Should We Use Games?

According to Gartner, gamification will be the primary mechanism that 40% of Global 1000 organizations will employ to improve their business operations in the next few years. 80% of employees said they would be more productive if their on-the-job learning was more game-like. Games increase retention rates and enhances employee productivity.

To truly learn something, you must DO it and not just read about it. Games allow employees to learn by doing. Games engage hearts and minds. Games create active learning opportunities through doing, as opposed to more traditional passive learning techniques (reading, watching, listening).

97% of kids (under 18) play computer or video games; in 10 years, these kids will be working for you and you’ll have to train them. Don’t wait until the future to figure out how to engage your users. Let them play games now!

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