Security Awareness Programs Need Messaging to Create Microlearning Opportunities

Create Microlearning Opportunities in Your Awareness Programs

Email Marketing

One of our favorite metaphors for running successful security awareness programs is to run your program as though it were a marketing campaign. That’s why you might find it useful to send out periodic email blasts to employees; every marketer knows that direct, consistent and repetitive communication is one of the most useful forms of marketing!

We offer 4 different HTML templates — Announcements, In the News, Security Alert, and FYI — branded with your organization’s unique look-and-feel. These templates are created specifically for use in the latest versions of the Outlook mail program. We provide you with the raw HTML files, Outlook email template OFT files, branded images used, and a how-to guide for using the templates for email marketing.

Why Should I Use Email Marketing for My Security Awareness Program?
Are Email Campaigns Still Relevant?

4 Templates to Utilize for Email Blasts

Security Awareness Email Template Branded for Small Medium Business ProgramsAnnouncement emails can serve a wide variety of purposes for your organization’s security awareness program.

  • Distribute new content to employees in a consistent, recognizable manner.
  • Keep everyone updated and in-the-loop on program successes.
  • Incentivize learning and use it to announce Human Firewall All-Stars!

Security Awareness Email Template Branded for Small Medium Business ProgramsDeveloping a culture of security awareness within your company relies on making the idea relatable and realistic. One good way to do this is to share breaking cybersecurity news (data breaches, malware discoveries, app vulnerabilities) to bring topics taught in other content into modern day, real-time situations. Use the In the News template to distribute these anecdotes that could help make the difference between a Weak Link and a Human Firewall!
Security Awareness Email Template Branded for Small Medium Business ProgramsIn the world of information security, response time to threats is a key element of successful defense against criminal attacks. Often, important details need to be shared with users as quickly as possible and in a way that will grab their attention; this is where the Security Alert template comes into play. Use these emails to inform employees of necessary patches, the latest malware’s modus operandi, or an internal phishing scam making its rounds.
Security Awareness Email Template Branded for Small Medium Business ProgramsFYI (For Your Information) emails can serve a wide variety of purposes for your organization’s security awareness program.

  • Inform employees of policy changes or updated security measures.
  • Give quick tips for being security aware (especially if related to a recent event).
  • Let users know when attacks have been successfully warded off and what steps were taken (e.g., unsuccessful spear phishing campaign caught before damage was done due to diligent user reporting).

Awareness Launch Videos

Security Awareness Program Launch Video

Many companies choose to have us build a launch video to introduce and reinforce their awareness program. Typically less than 4 minutes long, this video positions your company, its leadership and dedication to cyber-security and awareness issues.

In terms of styling: How about super crisp videos in HD with professional music, voice over and sound effects? Or perhaps a humorous animation, even using your mascots and branding ID? Or some combination of the two? Let us help. This is what we do better than anyone.

💬 Why do we need a launch video?

Focus On Digests

Separate from our monthly newsletter subscription, our Focus On Digests acts as a supplement to your training modules, games, videos, artwork and newsletter. Each digest is focused on one specific subject, and contains 15-20 of our best information-filled articles from our magazine-quality newsletter. Use it as a stand-alone document or distribute each of the individual pages throughout the year. How you use and distribute it is up to you!

Microlearning Focus On Digests Help Educate Security Aware Employees
  • Focus On Phishing:
    Knowing how to recognize a phishing attack and what to do when you suspect one is one of the most important security awareness skills you can develop.
  • Focus On Personal Security:
    You will quickly discover that Personal Security, for you, your family and friends, is similar to security in most organizations – and a lot easier than you might think.
  • Focus On HIPAA:
    This Focus On HIPAA will, in simple language, give you the basics to understanding privacy, PII and how important you are to protecting sensitive health related data.
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Outside-the-Box Ways to Use Our Content

Screensavers & Digital Signage

Chrystaline Corp. Branded Screensaver

Screensavers are an effective & inexpensive way to remind your audience of the most important awareness messages.

Choose from our extensive artwork collection and let us create one for you. Include a repeating branded incident response slide in the screensaver to keep your messaging consistent. You’ll receive the final screensaver .scr file to distribute to users. The images have been formatted to fit a standard 16×9 screen; for more square screens, the screensaver will automatically letterbox the images. There is no branding information on the images themselves but rather on the repeating branded incident response slide.

If you have monitors in your breakrooms or lobbies, consider displaying digital signs to continuously spread the awareness message, creating informal learning opportunities. Select any of our posters to be used; they’ve all been formatted for a standard 16×9 screen. Include a branded incident response sign as well!

S.O.S.: Security One Sheets

Security One Sheets can save your security awareness program from drowning!

The key to creating a successful information security awareness training program is to reinforce key messages as often as possible. To do this, you must catch your users’ attention and hold it. That’s where our versatile S.O.S. come in!

Security One Sheets are standalone pages, designed to be eye-catching enough to grab employees’ attention to create teachable moments outside formal learning. These are delivered as PDFs and can be used in a variety of creative ways. You can add these pages onto any other PDF (such as a newsletter or policy document), print them out to use as flyers in bathroom stalls or elevators, or combine them to create a customized magazine on a specific subject. It’s up to you!

Security One Sheets can save your security awareness program from drowning!