Security Awareness Reinforcement Videos

1-4 minute security “bytes” that cover a broad range of topics and include a wide variety of styles. These are great to use every month to keep security in the forefront of your employees’ minds.

Security Express

Our current collection of 70+ Security Express videos are sold off-the-shelf separately or in packages of 4, 6, and 12, depending on your needs.

These videos are delivered as HD MP4 files. (Let us know if you need them in another video format.) They’re a great addition to any security awareness training program and will give your users lots of microlearning opportunities!

Animated Security Express

Show, don’t tell! This funny & engaging animated series explores two very common social engineering techniques: phishing & pretexting.

Show your users how incredibly easy it is for social engineers to convince people to give out sensitive information over the phone or to trick people into clicking malicious links. These realistic scenarios will really drive the message home!

Why Should We Use Video Reinforcements?

Video reinforcements are an easy way to create informal learning opportunities for your employees. Short, focused, to-the-point, videos don’t require assessments and feel less like training and more like how your users already interact online.

Learners forget 79% of new information within days, so regular reinforcements can improve retention and lead to faster behavior change. Videos are the perfect reinforcement format because we are accustomed to ingesting information visually.

The average attention span is not more than 90 seconds, and the most successful YouTube videos are all under 4 minutes long. Video is the perfect delivery format because you can chunk information into small, digestible ‘bytes’ and easily deliver new content regularly.

The ideal spacing is two weeks. You don’t want to do more often than every couple of weeks, or you’ll bog down your users, and if you wait longer than two weeks, you increase the probability that much of the information will be forgotten.

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