Annual Subscription to Our Security Awareness Newsletter

Our popular magazine-quality newsletter subscription offers you an easy and affordable way to keep your staff up-to-date on policies and best practices. By presenting important information in a non-technical, conversational tone that appeals to a wide variety of audiences, we make security awareness easy to understand (and fun to read!).

Each issue contains 4 pages of engaging, topic-specific content (see topic schedule below). Feel free to browse through the pages of our annual Best Of… issue to the right to get an idea of the magazine’s style and format.

Why Should We Use a Monthly Newsletter?

Consistency is vital to the success of any awareness program. Monthly newsletters are a great way to reinforce and create it!

Reminding users of important messages and policies each month in an approachable, fun manner will help you take strides towards establishing a strong culture of learning and security awareness within your organization, as well as leveraging more informal learning opportunities.

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Security Awareness News Monthly, Three Ways


Off the shelf newsletters are for smaller companies and/or tight budgets. Every month you will receive the Security Awareness News in PDF format for internal distribution. Packages start at just $795/yr for your entire organization!


More than 80% of our clients choose our branded newsletters! We take our off the shelf newsletter and brand it with a title of your choice, your logo & company colors, and a custom incident response contact information box.


The semi-custom option lets you add extra content that you provide to the end of your branded newsletter each month. We make whatever you send us look awesome, and you’ve got a special place for policy, company events or any messages you want to include.

Topic Schedule

Each month, our content is written according to a list of topics we release before the beginning of each year.* This allows the magazine to remain current while focusing on all of the important issues.

Since we publish the list ahead of time, we recommend planning your entire year’s security awareness program around these topics, providing reinforcements (such as posters, games, or videos) along with the newsletter. Our blog also follows the topic schedule to an extent, providing you with free supplementary articles, images and videos that you can use within your organization.

* Topics are subject to change based on important infosec issues and/or to stay relevant with up-to-date news.

Your Annual Subscription

When you subscribe to the newsletter, you will receive a PDF via email by the 20th of the month.

Once you receive the PDF, you are free to do with it whatever you want internally within your organization. Print it, email it, host it on your intranet. Add in pages from policy books or presentations, delete pages, edit text (if you have Adobe Acrobat Pro).

We recommend pairing a Security Express video and/or a piece of artwork with each month’s newsletter to reinforce the message. Everyone learns in different ways, so give your users options for how they absorb the material — text, graphics, video. Plan ahead using our topic schedule with our handy planning calendar.

Security Awareness News - March 2016 Newsletter Cover - Personal & Home Network Security

Back Issues

We create the newsletter only weeks before distributing, to make them current and fresh, so it is not possible to receive future issues early. But if you are interested in receiving back issues, there are two options:

  1. Replace a scheduled issue with an old issue: For the cost of four production customization hours per issue, we can swap out a current issue with an older issue. We need to know your selection by the 10th of the month.
  2. Purchase additional back issues as supplementary materials: For the cost of two production hours per issue, we can prepare any issue from the last 12 months of our inventory with your branded template.

We also regularly put issues that are over a year old up for free in our database of freebies. Check it out here!

Security Awareness News - April 2016 Newsletter Cover - Spam, Scams & Hacking You on Social Media

Graphics & Text Package

For a small additional monthly fee, you can also receive a zip file of graphics and word document with all of the text-only content of that month’s newsletter. Some organizations choose to do this so they can reuse elements in other mediums (such as HTML emails or PowerPoint presentations).

Please note: For an additional fee, we can provide the text document in other languages. This requires an additional 2-4 business days for delivery.

Security Awareness News - May 2016 Newsletter Cover - Living a Healthy Cyberlife

Custom Policy Page Add-On

This option is perfect for you if you want to deliver monthly/quarterly security alerts to your employees. You provide the additional content and we design an additional page to go at the end of your newsletter, based upon other topics or company events you might want to address (e.g., Security Aware Employee of the Month, Company Security Incidents, Company Policies).