Security Awareness Training Programs

Our passion for security, privacy, and online safety is echoed in everything we produce. Every organization has different needs, a different culture, and different priorities. We cater to those differences! Let us be the one stop shop for your security awareness program.

We have everything you need to educate and continuously market to your end-users, with a wide variety of training, reinforcements, and messaging materials.

Download: The Introductory Guide to Security Awareness Programs

Our training material speaks for itself

Time and again we hear the same thing: “There’s nothing like you guys out there!” We like to keep it personal & approachable.

More content than our competitors

In fact, we’ve given away more quality security awareness content than our competitors have in their entire inventory!

Greater than 95% client retention rate

Our content doesn’t just look good; it outperforms! We turn dry cybersecurity topics into something entertaining & consistently fresh.

Boutique feel with excellent service

We give clients lots of 1-on-1 attention to make sure their programs are successful. Security awareness is our passion!
Let us help you put together the perfect corporate security awareness & compliance training program uniquely tailored to your specific needs and company culture.

We know firsthand just how overwhelming running a security awareness program can be. We have more types of content than anyone out there, and if you’re not sure how to leverage it all for your program, we can teach you!

When you sign on with us, you’re signing up for one-on-one service and one-of-a-kind cyber security awareness content.

We view program development as a triad of stages: planninglaunching, and managing. We will assist you in developing a comprehensive program in each of these phases: to select materials that will work best for your users, to jumpstart the program with a solid launch, and to keep track of progress.


Need guidance on how to create successful awareness programs?

Resource Library

Browse our helpful articles and downloadables on planning, launching, and managing programs.

Assess Your Specific Awareness Program Needs

Whether you need to start your security awareness program from the ground up or just need some fresh materials to supplement what you already have in place, our friendly and experienced sales team will help you find the perfect package to fit your organization. We can work with any budget, and any organization of any size. Don’t fret if you don’t know where to start; we can help.

We provide more choices than anyone else in this industry, from branding all of your materials and delivering them in multiple languages, to in-depth consulting on which content to use and customizing materials to further exceed your expectations.

View products in our inventory and read more about our program philosophy here.

What Happens After You Sign On with Us?

After signing on with us, our dedicated client program manager will be your point of contact for all of your awareness needs as you browse our extensive content library and determine which content best fits your program.

Whenever you’re ready to start selecting content, we will set you up with our secure file delivery system, make sure you receive regular tips for running your program, and create all necessary branding templates to have on file.

Have your own LMS? Not a problem! We can work with any SCORM, xAPI, or AICC learning management system.

Requesting Products for Your Program

At any point during the term of your license, you submit content requests to our client program manager, who works with our talented production team to prepare and deliver branded materials when you need them. You can choose all of your content in the beginning, though we recommend sprinkling your selections throughout the year so you can take advantage of our quarterly content releases.

Not sure which content will work best within your organization? We can help you figure out what you need and which types of content will resonate best with your users.

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