Security Awareness Program FlexPoints & Pricing

Let us help you design the perfect security awareness program uniquely tailored to your specific needs and organizational culture.

We don’t believe in cybersecurity awareness training that happens only once a year. Our content is designed to keep good security awareness practices at the forefront of your staff members’ minds by repeatedly presenting them with key messages in various eye-catching ways.

Security Awareness Program Packages & Pricing

Things change, we know that. Needs evolve and you may discover halfway through your program that one type of awareness content works better than another. Our brand new FlexPoints system will let you build a comprehensive program throughout the year without having to decide up-front what you need.

You don’t always know what your program will need when you first sign on. You may have an idea, but can’t nail down specifics. For example, you may know that you want to do a monthly newsletter subscription and at least one training module, and that you’ll probably use some posters and videos… but you don’t always know specifics upfront. Or you may think you know, but six months from now, you decide you’d rather have modules instead of videos.

FlexPoints entirely eliminates the need for swapping or deciding on content up-front. We will help you decide what type of package will work best for your organization!

Think about the types of content you may want to use, and the amount of content you may want to release throughout the year, to gauge a number of FlexPoints that will work for your organization. For example, if you have a mature program in place, you may find yourself drawn to larger packages, but if you are just starting out and need a simple program before ramping up your efforts, you may consider one of the small or mid-size packages.

SAC makes training for security awareness program managers a breeze!

Security Awareness Program Pricing

FlexPoints give each type of content – courses, videos, artwork, etc. – a value in points. When you sign on with us, you will purchase a FlexPoint package that will contain a total number of points. You will then use these points to select content you would like to use in your program, and the content’s point value will be deducted from your total points.

All pricing depends on the FlexPoint package you select and the number of users that will be enrolled in training. We don’t follow a strict per-seat licensing model; rather we give you a range of seats (500-750 or 1000-1500, for example) so that you don’t have to worry about adding additional seats throughout the course of your license – you’re covered!

Branding is an additional one-time fee. Customization of any kind beyond the standard branding requires the purchase of custom production hours. To learn more and discuss figures, please contact us!