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Client Case Studies: What Does Success Look Like?

We’ve helped a lot of organizations create cyber security awareness programs that actually work. Curious how they fostered that success? Check out these interviews with some of our clients to find out!

Industry: Insurance
Company Size: 5,000-10,000
Number of Countries: 1

Industry: Healthcare
Company Size: 30,000+
Number of Countries: 3+

Industry: Consulting & Certification
Company Size: 12,000+
Number of Countries: 44+

Planning a Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

Planning is the most important stage of any successful information security awareness program, and unfortunately the most overlooked.

You must assess your needs, examine management and culture, set realistic goals for the program, determine and budget, and create a game plan. You can’t do it all at once!

Create a content calendar, release schedule, and an assessment plan. Pre-determine how you will host the training, what types of training you’ll use, how much of it will be mandatory, what you’ll give your users in exchange for completing it, etc. Without a plan, your program is destined to fail.

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Launching a Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

Your security awareness campaign ideas have become reality, you’ve created or purchased security training materials, and you’re ready to launch!

Make it fun, shout it from the rooftops, use email and the company intranet and posters around the office. Hang art in the “facilities” and public areas. Send out branded internal email blasts. Get creative! Make a big deal about it in order to engage users from the beginning and drive participation.

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Managing a Cyber Security Awareness Training Program

Information security is not a one-and-done kind of thing. In fact, there is no time in any of our lives when we can sit back, hands behind our heads and say, “Ahh, yes. I’m finally secure.”

Information security is a state of mind created through consistent, engaging, and interactive messaging that makes it relevant to our personal, professional, and mobile lives. Your goal should be to transform your company staff into human firewalls, not just to check off a compliance training box.

You need to employ metrics to find where you’re hitting the mark and where you can make improvements. Then using the metrics you’ve collected, see where you’re improving and where your users still need help. Get feedback, tweak the system, reassess your needs. When you find a strategy that works, don’t do it once. Do it again, and again, and again… And again.

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