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SAC has been around since 1991, starting out as a family business, that has grown into a small but mighty company. We are a bunch of artists, designers, do-it-yourselfers, writers, musicians, travelers, photographers, readers, programmers, parents, and pet-lovers. While we are spread out across four states and differ in upbringing and interests, we are united by the common goal of having fun while doing exceptional work, exceeding our clients’ expectations, and delivering high-quality products and excellent customer service, all while maintaining a healthy work-life balance. We look for team members who are motivated, creative, curious, hard-working, passionate and who never stop learning.

Why Work For Us?

  • The work is fast-paced and always changing, so you’re never bored.
  • Opportunity to attend industry conferences, network with cool folks and learn a ton!
  • You will be supported in the expansion and improvement of your skillset, including participation in relevant conferences, workshops, or online training.
  • Our company is more than 60% female so that’s cool and different for the information security industry!
  • Our company has developed a reputation for our creativity, passion and willingness to push the envelope.
  • Work with a talented group of hard-working, creative people who have helped build our company from the ground up.
  • Learn a ton about information security and cyber safety, as well as the exciting world of elearning and corporate training.
  • Work from home, in your PJs, with your cat! You get to work remotely at all times with flexible hours. We meet in-person for things like game nights, holiday parties, and departmental & quarterly meetings.
  • As a team, we work together as a close knit “family” in which everyone is as important and necessary as everybody else; we are a team. Primadonnas, ego maniacs, slackers, control freaks, and people who “do not play well with others” will not do well and need not apply.
  • We don’t care if you have a college degree; we don’t care if you’re a stay-at-home parent, student or part-time banjo enthusiast; we don’t care if you’re tattooed, pieced, cybernetically-enhanced, web-footed, etc. We only care about quality work, efficiency and a passionate work ethic. (For more on our hiring philosophy, watch our Fearless Founder’s recent talk from RSA
  • Work hard, play hard at SAC
  • Work hard, play hard at SAC
  • Work hard, play hard at SAC
  • Work hard, play hard at SAC
  • Work hard, play hard at SAC

Working here can be crazy. There is always lots to balance, and this is overwhelming for some people. Not everyone thrives in this environment, especially since this is a remote job (working from home). Organization, discipline and prioritization are must-have skills, as well as total self motivation (we hate micromanaging… no time for it)!Click edit button to change this text.

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Graphic Design Internship: Fall 2017

The Security Awareness Company, a small, Nashville-based corporate training development company seeks a graphic design intern. The graphic design intern will report directly to our Lead Graphic Designer, assisting the design team in poster and infographic layout, updating old design files, completing client branding tasks, editing internal documents, and important, detail-oriented background tasks to help the whole team. You will also be able to assist the Digital Strategy team in creating marketing and social media materials, inventory management and keeping our demo portal up to date.

While we are based in Nashville and are looking for someone in the greater Nashville area, we are in fact a remote company where every single employee works from their home office. There will be opportunities for you to work one-on-one with members of our production team in their home offices, work with the design team, and attend in-person team meetings, but you will need to have a dedicated space at home that you can call your ‘office’ and where you will be productive.


College Credit: Need us to sign forms to get college credit? No problemo! We hope you do get credit for all the cool stuff you’re going to learn.

Paid: Even though you’ll be earning college credit, this is also a paid internship, offering $8/hour.

Intangibles: Working from home means NO gas money, NO dress code, NO commute, NO lunches out, NO time spent getting ready in the morning.

Time-frame & Time Commitment

We’re looking for someone who can dedicate 20-30 hours a week to this opportunity. Currently looking to fill Fall 2017 positions. If you are currently enrolled in school and this overlaps your classes, we are willing to work around your schedule, within reason.

The start and end dates are flexible, but the full term of the internship should be around 90 days.

Fall Suggested Dates: Monday Sept 11 – Friday Dec 16, 2017


9-5ish, in that we need you to work at least half of your hours between normal business hours. Work from home. Flexible. We believe in a ROWE – Results Only Work Environment. As long as your work is always high-quality, on-time (or early!), creative and as requested, then we are very flexible in terms of when you work. You will establish a weekly schedule with your supervisor, our Lead Designer, and check in with her daily, as well as working online with the whole design team, participating in the company-wide group chat, and having weekly (online or in-person) meetings with our Creative Director and/or Director of Digital Strategy. (While this is remote, you do not work in isolation. We interact all day, every day and expect you to interact with us! This is a highly collaborative work environment where we learn from each other, critique each other’s work, and work together to get things done on time!)


  • Minimum 2 years experience working and familiarity with Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, and Illustrator (preferably CC but at least CS4).
  • Must have own copy of the Adobe Creative Cloud and a working computer with high-speed internet connection.
  • Pursuing a career in graphic design (with or without a degree).
  • Must live in the greater Nashville area.
  • Insane attention to detail. Annoyingly so.
  • Must understand differences between raster vs vector, RGB vs CMYK, when to use one vs the other, how to use & convert .eps files, etc.
  • Self-starter, highly motivated, takes initiative, unafraid to bring ideas to the table.
  • Must deal with LOUD and blunt personalities well, and be prepared for constructive criticism.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills – like Sherlock Holmes level.
  • Must work efficiently from home, without someone standing over your shoulder micromanaging you.

What Do You Get Out of This?

  • Get a peek inside the growing security awareness industry, an important niche of the information security field.
  • Work with and get mentored by top-notch designers, with over 50 years’ combined experience.
  • Learn how to work efficiently from home, disciplining yourself to be a productive remote employee.
  • Enhance your Adobe Creative Cloud skills (specifically InDesign and Illustrator).
  • Learn about the exciting world of content marketing.
  • Create posters, infographics, social media ads, and other items that you can use in your portfolio.
  • Gain an understanding of how remote organizations operate.
  • Be part of a highly productive, creative and fun media team.
  • Work with and get mentored by talented, hard-working, designers who have helped build our company from the ground up.
  • Do actual design work as part of an actual design team and learning actual design skills.
  • Learn how to work at WORK. (As our lead designer has noted, working at school is a vastly different experience, so get a head start on learning how to work as part of a collaborative, remote design team in a fast-paced business environment).

Want the Gig?

Please fill out the following form in its entirety. Also note that we will ONLY accept PDF attachments. Any non-PDFs will be deleted.

We look forward to hearing from you! Please note that due to time constraints, we will only respond to those submissions that we want to interview. Please don’t take it personally!

We need a super-dynamic  person who thrives on chaos to join our team for current and future sales efforts.  No, we don’t sell shoes, or boxes, or widgets, or food, or cars…   We do not sell to consumers…  We are not a retailer…  We create and provide Cyber Security Awareness Training content, materials, and services to help large and small companies train their employees to become more cyber security aware.

Large enterprise and SMEs contact us directly (see our web page) after hearing about us through our satisfied clients (huge annual retention,) industry analysts or Google, where we rank Page 1. (In other words: no cold calling.)

Potential clients can download our freebies, useful documents on how to run a Security Awareness Program and a ton of content that saves the sales team time. We let our potential clients close themselves due to our transparency and comprehensive website. (In many ways, this is a non-sales sales position…)

Our ‘sales’ is less about SELLING than it is about guiding someone through the purchasing process and helping them through the decision making process – which means the Process is our Biggest ‘Sales’ Technique.  We try to save them money. We want a good fit because annuity clients are the best clients. We are flexible. We are super-nice and helpful to our clients, and often just chit-chat to brainstorm their next steps. Some are quick sales, under $1,000 when folks call and just want to order. Others take a lot of time – many, many months – with bigger rewards – and renewals!

The focus of this Sales Position is to expand our B2B sales and initiate new ideas and better methodologies for improving the sales process and capturing more clients that meet our ideal profile.

You will work intimately with our CEO, current sales director, and Creative Director to learn the ropes, since each of them will be able to teach you a different aspect of the job. There will be a lot of questions, chaos and ‘shadowing’ in the beginning. Note:  Our current Sales Director has chosen to move into a less time demanding position of sales support for personal reasons, but will be a big help with training and guidance as she has been with us for over a decade and has established our style of non-sales.


While our company lives and believes in a ROWE – Results Only Work Environment – and allows all of its employees to figure out a flexible schedule that allows them to get the most work done the most efficiently, this position needs to operate on a more traditional 9-5 schedule. There is, of course, flexibility in that (8-4, 10-6, running errands in the middle of the day, etc), but as a client-facing position, you will be communicating with clients during the normal American workday. (There might be an occasional exception for international clients in other time zones. You will need to schedule your time for those clients in Asia and Europe.)

You must be comfortable working on many things at once, able to manage your own time and stay organized and disciplined. You must communicate exceedingly well through text, to our technical folks, clients and the entire team – since we use a messaging app for 80% of our team communication. We all work from remote offices (home) and you won’t have someone looming over you reminding you of things constantly. Working from home sounds like a dream but can be challenging for some. While we will train you to use any necessary software and teach you about our industry, we can not teach you to be good at working remotely. (You might want to take a look at this book which provides a good look at how we work as a successful remote company.)

TYPICAL DAILY TASKS: (no particular order of importance)

  • Make initial contact with incoming potential clients to provide them introductory information and access to our on-line demo portal.
  • Enter these new contacts into our CRM.
  • Provide WebEx presentations and conversations with new and renewal clients promoting our content and services.
  • Work closely with the marketing and digital strategy department to assist the sales process.
  • Determine new and renewal client requirements and provide pricing quotations.
  • Send necessary PDF documents to potential clients.
  • Communicate with potential new clients to ensure that they have everything they need from us.
  • Execute Non-Disclosure Agreements, Statements of Work, and Master Service Agreements with new and renewal clients as needed.
  • Work in close communications with our Client Program Manager.
  • Track the process of all potential sales in CRM.
  • Demo our internal LMS capabilities to clients.
  • Interface with SAC partners providing them what they need from a sales perspective.
  • Be the “answer person” about SAC content and its services. Be able to answer any question that may be asked by a potential client during the sales cycle (prior to invoicing)
  • Brief our Client Program Manager and Creative Director about and work with their team on custom client project requests and quotations.


  • Be a people person who loves their fellow humans, treating them with respect.
  • Previous sales experience of some type.
  • Understanding of the sales process and mindset.
  • Ability to close sales without being pushy.
  • Excellent note-taking.
  • Ability to make online presentations to clients via WebEx and in-person presentations at meetings, conferences, etc.
  • Fabulous, clear, easy-to-understand writing skills.
  • Self-starter, highly motivated, takes initiative, unafraid to bring ideas to the table.
  • Ability to self-edit and self-teach – you will be learning a LOT in the first few months and have to keep up.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills – like Sherlock Holmes level. Not even kidding.
  • 100% absolute total fluency in MS Office, PDF, and various other productivity software. (What sort of security tools do you currently use on your laptop and mobile devices?)
  • Strong ability to prioritize multiple on-going sales projects and self-manage.
  • Intermediate technical knowledge (understanding file formats, basic troubleshooting, strong Google-fu). Operating systems; applications; LMS/LRS knowledge Huge Plus. Understanding multi-media file formats, AWS, Cloud, and server applications.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Willing to learn a lot about something you may not care about yet (elearning and corporate cyber security training).
  • Willing to learn a lot about something you SHOULD care about (information security and cyber security awareness).
  • Willingness to become an EXPERT on selling security awareness programs, elearning, LMS management & troubleshooting, gamification, and all of our awesome training materials.
  • Ability to work fast and reliably, no exceptions!
  • Excellent written communication skills.
  • Customer service experience.
  • Ability to communicate effectively with team members and clients.
  • Killer grammar and spelling.
  • Patience, kindness, friendliness, optimism, positivity and a strong work ethic.
  • Very disciplined and not distracted easily (working from home is no joke!!)
  • Manage your ever-growing To Do list without panicking or wanting to curl up in the corner (it happens, and that’s why being a team player is so important here. We all have one another’s backs, but also rely on each person to do their best at all times).
  • Home office/workstation with a computer and high-speed internet* (e.g. minimum 30MB down. 3MB up. Ping < 15ms.  QOS = 4 Sigma.)
  • Must have a separate quiet space to be able to work with clients on WebEx calls uninterrupted or being distracted. Dogs barking does not work so well on WebEx with multi-national companies
  • Desire to become an integral part of a talented, hard-working and overall awesome team.
  • Did we mention top notch written communication skills?? 🙂
  • Based in/around Nashville for ability to join occasional in-person meetings (4-6 times a year) and local conferences. We get together in person for cool things (Escape Game! Holiday Party!) and quarterly production meetings.

*After the review period and we all decide it’s a great fit between you and our culture, and you become a full-fledged member of our team, we’ll make sure you have all the equipment you need to be super efficient and productive. But for the review period, you will definitely need your own computer, software, security tools  and a high-speed internet connection.


  • Google Docs, Google Drive and G Suite experience.
  • Experience with remote work / telecommuting / working from home.
  • eLearning development or administration. (Any coding experience, but decided you didn’t want to be a programmer?)
  • Some sort of professional writing experience (good communication skills).
  • Experience working in a creative job such as an ad agency, graphic design firm, magazine,content marketing firm, or web design company.
  • Multi-media content delivery experience. Mobile Device and app experience/Knowledge


  • Have experience with any LMS (or even know what an LMS is!)
  • Know anything at all about LRSs or TinCan API.
  • Understand basic info-security practices, buzzwords, lingo, etc.
  • Have experience in and knowledge of the information security industry.
  • Be passionate about information cyber security.
  • Already practice good cyber security (backup, strong passwords, VPN, etc.)
  • Have a simple understanding of video editing concepts, audio editing, graphic design, elearning/web/software development, etc. (Not to DO any of that stuff but just to understand it. The more you can understand what our creative team does, the better you can answer client questions.)
  • Be a mind reader ☺

Knowledge Required That Will be Learned on the Job and Expected to Become Second Nature Over Time:

  • Our entire product inventory
  • Our client in-take/on-boarding process
  • Our detailed sales processes
  • How security awareness programs are run and managed in different types of organizations
  • Our resource center
  • Fluency in GSuites, GQueues, AirTable, Webex, and Zoho.
  • Basic technical understanding of different product types, file formats, product availability & flexibility, etc.
  • Basic technical understanding of LMS formats, issues, troubleshooting, etc.

COMPENSATION (aka the important stuff):

Initial annual salary starts between $35-40K with no commissions. After 90-day review period, we will mutually decide if we are a good fit, and you decide if you still want to do this (ha!), you’re in it to win it, and boom – you become a long-term member of our team; then there is an increase in compensation and a commission structure will be put in place which will grow over time. We do NOT set any upper limit on how much you can earn over time.

After your first 90 days, you take time off when you want (with advance notice and scheduling – no last minute stuff). We don’t track sick days, vacation days, etc. We believe in RESULTS and don’t want to have to track if you took an afternoon off to take the kid to the doctor or get an oil change.

We have a few “official company holidays” throughout the year including: President’s day; 4 day weekends for Memorial Day, July 4 and Labor Day; three days for Thanksgiving; and at least a full week at Christmas.

There is also an option to sign up for healthcare coverage through our parent company, as well as a 401(k) program.

We haven’t scared you people off yet? You’re still interested in this CRAZY job?

Fill out the form below. If we think you may be a good match for our team, we’ll send you follow-up questions via email. If you do not hear from us within 2 weeks or so, please assume we have decided to go in another direction. Thank you for your time. We can’t wait to hear from you!!!


$17/hr during an initial 90-day trial period. If you’ve impressed us and we want to keep you on, we’ll give you an increase to $19 per hour. Bonuses also happen randomly for awesome teamwork, dedication, and creative output that makes a noticeable positive impact on our company. You will have access to healthcare and 401(k) benefits.



We’re looking for someone who can work for us full-time each week. You will be working from home, and will need a dedicated workspace with minimal distractions. We use instant messaging, group chats, intranet, emails, and conference calls to communicate internally.

Hours: The hours are flexible, but most of our employees work 9-5ish. We believe in a ROWE – Results Only Work Environment. As long as your work is always high-quality, on-time (or early!), creative and as requested, we are very flexible in terms of when you work. The key is great communication and connectivity as well as proving that you’re actually completing tasks; establish a weekly schedule and check in with your supervisor often.

You can take time off when you want as long as you give advance notice and aren’t leaving your team hanging at a critical time. We don’t track sick days, vacation days, etc. and also have a few “company holidays” to give us some extended weekends throughout the year.



  • WordPress development (including ability to alter code, not just install themes & plugins)
  • Experience with and fluency in HTML / CSS & PHP is an absolute requirement.
  • Experience with FTP and MySQL databases
  • Have created, edited, and maintained websites before from the ground up.
  • Familiarity with SEO and SERP ranking factors. Understanding of Google Analytics, Bing Webmaster Tools, Google Search Console.
  • Excellent troubleshooting and problem-solving skills, especially in the realm of code debugging.
  • Working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop.
  • Functional computer with high-speed internet connection and a dedicated workspace.
  • Live in the greater Nashville area.
  • Able to work efficiently from home, without someone standing over your shoulder micromanaging you. Must have a strong ability to prioritize and juggle multiple ongoing projects.
  • Self-starter, highly motivated, takes initiative, unafraid to bring ideas to the table.
  • Must regularly deal with LOUD and blunt personalities that tend to curse a lot. Must also be able to receive constructive criticism.

A college degree is not necessary. Experience, willingness to learn, and a Batman-sized toolbelt of skills are far more important in our opinion! (For more on our hiring philosophy, watch one of our fearless leader’s talks from RSA here:



  • Extensive WordPress development.
    • Redesign our current content demo area (built on WooCommerce framework).
    • Layout new pages and refresh existing pages for our current websites.
    • Customize WordPress themes and plugins as needed.
    • Update HTML-based client pages.
    • Manage the day-to-day functionality of all our web presences.
    • Stay up-to-date with web trends to make sure we’re always at the cutting edge.
  • Assist with marketing campaigns and SEO.
    • Continually improve on-site SEO by completing SEO-boosting tasks and audits.
    • Monitor our SERP standings and analytics dashboards, suggesting changes if necessary.
    • Layout landing pages for special events, holidays, and ads.
    • Craft responsive HTML email templates for both our use and for our clients.
  • Provide assistance as needed to Lead Developer for ongoing SaaS / mobile projects.
  • Assist in quick bug & error troubleshooting for live issues.



Please fill out the following form. We look forward to hearing from you! Note that due to time constraints, we will only respond to those submissions that we want to interview. Please don’t take it personally!