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Products for Your Awareness Program

Did you know that 70% of what we know and learn in life comes from direct experience? That’s right, 70% of what we learn, we learn by doing. We gain 20% of our knowledge through informal learning (like watching videos). The other 10% comes from structured formal learning, such as computer-based elearning courses hosted in an LMS.

If only 10% of knowledge comes from training, then why spend most of your budget and efforts on implementing something that has the lowest impact?

Our vast library of learning materials will give you everything you need to reach all types of users across the full learning spectrum.


We Offer the Following Types of Security Awareness Learning Materials

While that 10% of structured, formal learning is very important — especially when forming the foundations of a knowledge base — you must also provide learning opportunities to hit the other 90% of the learning spectrum. That’s where reinforcements and messaging materials come into play!

By using a combination of training, reinforcement, and messaging content, you will provide users with a full-spectrum awareness education. These various content types can be spread out over the course of a year, creating an advertising-esque campaign to drive engagement, educate and empower your users, and transform your weakest links into your strongest defenses.

Full Cyber Security Awareness Learning Spectrum



Every successful security awareness program’s foundation includes formal elearning which is scorable, measurable, and trackable.




Keep your awareness messages in the forefront of users’ minds with content that reinforces the lessons most important to your organization.




You’ll hear us say it again and again: A successful awareness program is run like a marketing campaign. These materials will help you do that.


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