The Security Awareness Company is now part of the KnowBe4 family! For more information read our press release here

Who is the Security Awareness Company?

The Security Awareness Company (SAC) has provided organizations with dynamic security awareness training materials on an international scale since 1991 when we were founded by visionary information security pioneer, Winn Schwartau. 

In 2017, SAC joined forces with KnowBe4 to expand KnowBe4's popular integrated security awareness training and simulated phishing platform to offer customers the world's largest and most diverse security awareness content and resource library.

We create successful cyber security awareness training programs (including compliance standards such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS) for companies of all sizes. Our products are different from other security companies, because our engaging content is specifically designed to transform your end-users into human firewalls.

We are passionate about the importance of cyber security awareness and educating people to become good digital citizens. Your organization simply cannot afford to limit company security training to boring annual PowerPoint presentations or dry modules that no one absorbs. Let us help you implement a program that will actually change your users’ behavior for the long-term!

Security Awareness is Our Passion

Knowing that information security can quickly overwhelm the average user, we produce content – written by cyber security professionals – that is easy to retain and instantly applicable to daily life. We understand that you can’t change someone’s behavior without changing their mindset; our visionary approach is to treat security awareness as a marketing campaign for maximum success:

  1. Create training moments at frequent intervals.
  2. Repeatedly restate the same key awareness messages in new ways.
  3. Make the messages relevant to the users’ everyday life and use real examples.
  4. Draw on modern trends to grab attention and to make learning fun.

Accolades from Clients

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with The Security Awareness Company. Your professionalism and work are fantastic. The newsletter continues to get RAVE reviews here. I can’t tell you how many emails and or phone calls I get every time I launch one. ALL positive!! Even our CEO has commented on it on numerous occasions. Trust me if I am ever again in the need for a Cyber Security Newsletter Program I know exactly where to go to.”

– Medical Supply Distributor

“These videos rock, I am really impressed. Thanks for your hard work and support.”

– Global Electronics Distributor

“From us: ‘best so far!!!’ I typically get some hallway comments regarding [your content], but for this issue many of my staff are taking the time to email me saying ‘great newsletter.’ You definitely struck a positive chord on this one, great job!”

– Finance Sector, NYC

“LOVE THIS ISSUE! I’ve even overhead ‘bathroom stall chatter’ encouraging others to read this one!”

– National Finance Institution

“You guys are the best in the business!”

– Compliance Training Reseller