Messaging Tools for Security Awareness Programs

Remember this secret  to create a truly successful cyber security awareness program: A good program functions like a marketing campaign. Think like a marketer and communicate regularly with your users (aka your customers) to get them to buy what you’re selling (aka security awareness).

Frequency and repetition of messaging will lead to deeper awareness and understanding! An old marketing adage called the Rule of 7 preaches that potential customers need to see or hear your marketing message at least seven times before they take action. Your goal as a program manager should be to change user behavior so that they become Human Firewalls. Including marketing style messaging in your security awareness campaign keeps important awareness lessons and best practices at the forefront of your users’ minds, helping them make better decisions in the long-term.

Brand recognition will also add legitimacy to your awareness program. Think about it… The more familiar we become with a brand, the more often we think about it; and you want your users thinking about security awareness!

Our messaging products include a large variety of artwork (both for printing posters and digital signage), email communication templates and marketing packs, program launch videos, and screensavers.

Artwork (Posters & Digital Signage)

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Our extensive collection of Security Awareness artwork includes many different styles and messages that you can use to reinforce the ideas in your program. We are able to offer the work of exclusive artists who can easily replicate and conform to varied artistic tastes and corporate cultures.

We sell unlimited internal-use-only licenses to each piece so that you can use the art in whatever way you choose, although printing posters to hang around the office is the most common approach. You can use the art for screensavers, embed in intranet applications, or anything else you can think of. Artwork is provided electronically in all standard graphic formats.

We can brand our artwork (or yours!) with your logo and incident response information. Look through our library of images, filtering by style if you choose, and pick the ones best suited for your organization.

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4 Styles of Artwork to Choose From

All of our artwork is available as either PDFs or JPEGs (or both), in standard 11″ x 17″ tabloid size, large poster 18″ x 24″ size, and the 16:9 digital signage formats. To see all 100+ of our current posters, request access to our Program Planning & Content Demo portal today!


Security Awareness Artwork - Do you know malware? Stay safe online


Security Awareness Artwork - Do you know malware? Stay safe online


Security Awareness Artwork - Keep calm and report security incidents!


Security Awareness Artwork - Social Engineering is a non-technical intrusion; hacking the human!

Email Communication

Your goal as the leader of your program should be more than achieving a benchmark ROI for the execs; you want to fundamentally alter the behavior of your users. You can’t expect to do this without communicating with them regularly and consistently. This is essentially marketing in a nutshell, and one of the easiest ways to market your campaign is to send your users a variety of emails!

Branded Email Templates

You might find it useful to send out periodic email blasts to employees; every marketer knows that direct, consistent, and repetitive communication is one of the most useful forms of marketing!

We offer 5 different HTML templates — Announcements, From the CISO, In the News, Security Alert, and FYI — branded with your organization’s unique look-and-feel. These templates are created specifically for use in the latest versions of the Outlook mail program. We provide you with the Outlook email template OFT files and header & footer images, so you can easily send email marketing messages throughout the year.

Why Should I Use Email Marketing for My Security Awareness Program?
Are Email Campaigns Still Relevant?

Marketing Packs

Marketers and advertisers don’t rely on once-a-year messaging to convince you to buy their products, so why should you rely on once-a-year messaging to educate your users? Use our marketing packs to keep churning out your messages all year long!

Each marketing pack consists of either 1 infographic or several shareable images that you can send out via email, intranet, messaging app, or include in weekly meeting presentations… what you do with them is up to you, but always remember to think like a marketer. Use these items as advertisements of important security awareness messages!

Selling Security: What Can Don Draper Teach Us About Marketing?

Program Launch Videos

Many organizations choose to have us build a launch video to introduce and reinforce their awareness program. Typically less than 4 minutes long, this video clearly positions your organization with leadership and dedication to cyber-security and awareness issues.

In terms of styling: How about super crisp videos in HD with professional music, voice over, and sound effects? Or perhaps a humorous animation, even using your mascots and branding ID? Or some combination of the two? Let us help. This is what we do better than anyone.

💬 Why do we need a launch video?


Screensavers are an effective & inexpensive way to remind your audience of the most important awareness messages.

Screensavers are an effective and inexpensive way to remind your audience of the most important awareness messages. Think of them as short commercials, constantly repeating and rotating advertisements to keep important security awareness messages in front of your users at all times. If you have monitors in your breakrooms or lobbies, consider displaying digital signs to continuously spread the awareness message, creating informal learning opportunities.

Please note: There is no branding information on the images themselves but rather on the repeating branded incident response slide. We can publish screensavers for both Windows and Mac environments — just tell us what you need. You’ll receive the final screensaver .scr file to distribute to users. We can also include additional images, that you provide to us, at no extra charge.

Branded Screensaver with Incident Response Info and Awareness Artwork
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