Who is the Security Awareness Company?

The Security Awareness Company (SAC) has provided organizations with dynamic security awareness training materials on an international scale since 1991 when we were founded by visionary information security pioneer, Winn Schwartau.

We create successful cyber security awareness training programs (including compliance standards such as HIPAA and PCI-DSS) for companies of all sizes. Our products are different from other security companies, because our engaging content is specifically designed to transform your end-users into human firewalls.

We are passionate about the importance of cyber security awareness and educating people to become good digital citizens. Your organization simply cannot afford to limit company security training to boring annual PowerPoint presentations or dry modules that no one absorbs. Let us help you implement a program that will actually change your users’ behavior for the long-term!

Our training material speaks for itself

Time and again we hear the same thing: “There’s nothing like you guys out there!” We like to keep it personal & approachable.

More content than our competitors

In fact, we’ve given away more quality security awareness content than our competitors have in their entire inventory!

Greater than 95% client retention rate

Our content doesn’t just look good; it outperforms! We turn dry cybersecurity topics into something entertaining & consistently fresh.

Boutique feel with excellent service

We give clients lots of 1-on-1 attention to make sure their programs are successful. Security awareness is our passion!

Security Awareness is Our Passion

Knowing that information security can quickly overwhelm the average user, we produce content – written by cyber security professionals – that is easy to retain and instantly applicable to daily life. We understand that you can’t change someone’s behavior without changing their mindset; our visionary approach is to treat security awareness as a marketing campaign for maximum success:

  1. Create training moments at frequent intervals.
  2. Repeatedly restate the same key awareness messages in new ways.
  3. Make the messages relevant to the users’ everyday life and use real examples.
  4. Draw on modern trends to grab attention and to make learning fun.

In addition to helping our clients, we also utilize our creativity and technical know-how in order to fully serve the global community of users as a whole. Throughout the year, we share cyber awareness advice shoulder-to-shoulder with information security giants and speak at events to promote the importance of training end-users effectively.

We also regularly update a full archive of FREE security awareness training materials (many items starring our beloved mascot, Security Cat!) and our security awareness blog.

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Accolades from Clients

“It has been an absolute pleasure working with The Security Awareness Company. Your professionalism and work are fantastic. The newsletter continues to get RAVE reviews here. I can’t tell you how many emails and or phone calls I get every time I launch one. ALL positive!! Even our CEO has commented on it on numerous occasions. Trust me if I am ever again in the need for a Cyber Security Newsletter Program I know exactly where to go to.”

– Medical Supply Distributor

“These videos rock, I am really impressed. Thanks for your hard work and support.”

– Global Electronics Distributor

“From us: ‘best so far!!!’ I typically get some hallway comments regarding [your content], but for this issue many of my staff are taking the time to email me saying ‘great newsletter.’ You definitely struck a positive chord on this one, great job!”

– Finance Sector, NYC

“LOVE THIS ISSUE! I’ve even overhead ‘bathroom stall chatter’ encouraging others to read this one!”

– National Finance Institution

“You guys are the best in the business!”

– Compliance Training Reseller

“As always, your content is informative, entertaining, and our people are actually viewing it regularly!”

– Government Energy Research Agency

“Security awareness is a dry as dust topic to the typical end user. We have struggled in the past getting people to read and assimilate security tips, policies, concepts, etc. The SAC newsletter is thoughtfully designed, fresh each month, timely, and easily understandable by our folks with varying degrees of technical understanding. We’ve managed to turn a ‘roll your eyes back in your head’ topic into a monthly event our employees wait for AND share with their family. Thank you SAC.”

– Nationally-Known Credit Union

“Very entertaining. This must be very difficult, alerting to possible issues/problems without numbing the user into a frame of mind that says, ‘Too hard, I’m going to do nothing.’ Really, ya’ll have been superb. Thanks.”

– US Military Agency

“Our organization has partnered with The Security Awareness Company for nearly 2 years. The momentum of education and awareness has expanded beyond Information Security to Privacy, Physical Security and Operations. Their creativity and willingness to work with us for custom media and training has improved participation greatly. The momentum continues and so does our partnership. We are very grateful for The Security Awareness Company.”

– Global Well-Being Company

What’s it like to work with us?

We are a small, customer service-oriented boutique and cater to both small businesses and global enterprises. We strive to give all of our clients one-on-one attention in order to deliver the best awareness program possible for their organizations.

While we can never promise 24-hour turnaround, our production team delivers high-quality work efficiently and usually ahead of schedule. Some tasks can be delivered in as little as 3 business days, but depending upon complexity can extend to several weeks. Let us know how we can assist you in all things Security Awareness! 🙂

  • Creating branding templates
  • Branding requested materials
  • Preparing off-the-shelf materials
  • Developing custom launch videos
  • Designing branding LMS portal
  • Editing materials with custom requests
  • Developing custom training materials
  • Presidents Day
  • 4-day weekends for Labor Day, Independence Day, & Memorial Day
  • Wed – Fri of the week of Thanksgiving
  • Last 2 weeks of December

We respond to email during normal business hours with the exception of the U.S. holidays & dates listed, during which we will be closed. Please be patient with us as we want to serve all of our clients equally and exceed everyone’s expectations, while giving our hard-working production team plenty of time to rest and refresh their creativity!

We don’t advocate launching security awareness programs in January, October, or December. The beginning of the year, National Cyber Security Awareness Month, and the holiday season provide too many distractions for users to engage with something else new. Pick a surprising month, something unexpected and that you can “own” in order to get the best results.

Meet the Key Players of Our Awesome Team

<strong>Winn Schwartau</strong>
Winn SchwartauChairman & Founder
Winn is one of the world’s top experts on security, privacy, infowar and cyber-terrorism, authoring more than 12 security books and the recipient of a host of industry recognitions. Winn likes to get his hands dirty, so to speak, often getting directly involved with many of our clients’ projects. He writes much of the content used in our e-learning modules, videos and monthly newsletters, all the while traveling the world and sharing his decades of knowledge at conferences.

👉 Winn’s Blog Posts

Fun Facts: Born and bred in Manhattan, Winn didn’t start out in infosec; in fact, his early days were spent as a mixing engineer in the rock n’ roll heyday of the 1970s.
Bob and Winn go back for eons, both coming from the professional audio industry. Bob has coordinated some of the most complex audio/video facilities in the world and now brings an insane amount of production management skills to SAC.
Fun Facts: Bob used to consult the FBI on audio forensics for super high profile cases and was the engineer on records for Ronnie Milsap, Elvis, Dolly Parton, Olivia Newton John and many more.
Sherra has managed the day-to-day chaos of the company since the very beginning. With years of experience that span from coast-to-coast and across industries (she started in the music biz!), she’s the multi-tasking queen who handles the numbers, keeps Winn in line and the entire company on track.
Fun Facts: Sherra was a vocal major in college; wired electronics for recording studios, live concerts and computers; and is now one of our voice artists. She also appeared on $25,000 pyramid, losing a trip to Asia but at least she got to meet Dick Clark!
CheetoChief Security Cat™
With a background in sleeping all day and sitting in box, he takes his role as Security Cat™ very seriously. He likes to fight cyber crime, catch phish, subdue trigger-happy mice, and help humans be safer online. He is also responsible for boosting company morale, enforcing policy, helping with social media and sitting on our keyboards.

👉 Security Cat™ Blog Posts

Fun Facts: Cheeto is an American Bobtail weighing nearly 20 pounds and knows how to open the front door.
AshleyDirector of Production & Development
After more than 15 years of working for SAC, security awareness is not just her job, but her passion. Her background in digital media, video editing, graphic design, and storytelling helps her direct SAC’s unique approach to creating compelling security awareness materials. She oversees all departments of the production team, from video and elearning module production to marketing and design, and leads custom client and translation projects, interfacing directly with clients as they build their awareness programs. A total nerd about education, awareness and security, Ashley is always brainstorming new ways to keep security awareness fresh and fun.
👉 Ashley’s Blog Posts
Fun Facts: Ashley is a book-loving, travel-blogging, French-speaking Gryffindor who is unapologetically obsessed with her cats.
JackieDirector of Global Enterprise Sales
With more than three decades of sales and project management experience, Jackie has a special touch for client relations and our clients love working with her. Having been with SAC for over a decade, helping clients plan and launch their awareness programs, she knows what works! Leading the company’s sales efforts, Jackie assists clients in choosing the perfect package of materials for creating an impactful awareness program.
Fun Facts: Born in Vienna, Austria, Jackie’s lived all over the world: South Africa; Whistler, CAN; New York, San Francisco, North Carolina & Florida. She loves to ski, plays Mahjong, and appreciates the intricacies & depth of contemporary art (the meaning of which she is trying to explain to Winn to no avail).
KayleyDirector of Digital Strategy
Kayley started out with us as our go-to web guru, the creative geek who helped our production team solve a number of design and interactivity conundrums. Now she manages our growing footprint on the web and develops marketing strategies to both keep us current & help us reach more people who might benefit from our message.

👉 Kayley’s Blog Posts

Fun Facts: A professionally trained artist and proud “weird girl,” Kayley has 5 pet-children, cooks unbelievably good vegetarian food, and can out-lift you at the gym.
StaceyClient Program Manager
Stacey brings more than 15 years of project management and event planning experience to our team, making her the perfect person to help our clients manage their security awareness programs from the beginning. She loves a good challenge and especially loves getting to work one-on-one with customers. Not one to let stress get to her, Stacey treats every customer with the same respect, patience and good-nature because all of our clients are equally valued and important to us.
Fun Facts: Originally from Jamaica, Stacey has lived in Florida, California and Tennessee. A huge X-Men fan, she also loves to travel, cook, and spend time with her daughter and puppy dog.
JoeDirector of LMS Management
Joe leads the crew behind our Learning Management System, from managing our data center to leading the technical development and implementation. Our LMS team keeps on its toes to fulfill our global clients’ training and assessment needs.
Fun Facts: Besides programming, biking, building computers, and constructing wooden fishing boats, Joe enjoys spending time with his wife and Energizer Bunny of a son.
TylerLead e-Learning Developer
As the head of our elearning team, Tyler spends her days finding fresh, fun ways to teach age-old security concepts, making all of our modules visually stimulating, and tackling custom client projects with enthusiasm. With a background in wedding photography, she approaches each project with a keen eye for detail and works hard to keep all of our clients pleased.

👉 Tyler’s Blog Posts

Fun Facts: Tyler spends her free time traveling and perfecting her wine-tasting skills, and steals the boss’s dog on weekends.
JeremyLead Video Production
Jeremy is our video wizard, with mad skills in animation, filming, editing, motion graphics, green screens, script-writing and any kind of visual storytelling we need. He loves the unique challenge of presenting security concepts in visually entertaining ways. Another music business veteran, Jeremy’s background is in recording and mixing.
Fun Facts: Jeremy used to be a bartender, is the father of an adorable little girl, and can actually juggle!
ErinLead Designer
A graphic design mastermind, Erin never backs down from a project. Whether she’s designing the monthly newsletter, new posters, or a custom client project, she gives every piece the time and attention it deserves. She has a strong background in print design, and often works with our web team, to make sure we look good online.

👉 Erin’s Blog Posts

Fun Facts: Erin is an avid tabletop gamer, a fledgling dungeon master and, most importantly, a swing and blues dances enthusiast.
JustinLead Writer
Justin left the music business to focus on his true passion: writing. A talented writer and detailed researcher, he’s involved in every department here at SAC, including eLearning, Video, Newsletters and Marketing, making sure our content is fresh and up-to-date.

👉 Justin’s Blog Posts

Fun Facts: In his spare time, Justin writes about fantasy football for FootballGuys.com and practices mixology (he makes a mean margarita). He is also an excellent mower of lawns.
AlissaProduction Assistant
Alissa’s background in graphic design make her a vital part of our production team, as she bounces from the Design department to the Elearning department. Her previous work experience at a secure storage facility gave her invaluable knowledge about compliance and security. She approaches all projects strategically, thoughtfully and creatively.

👉 Alissa’s Blog Posts

Fun Facts: If Alissa had a bajillion dollars, she would open ecological sanctuaries all over the world. She loves to travel, has a cat and a dog, and does not like roller coasters.
MegDigital Strategy Assistant
Meg’s passion for social media, content marketing, and online safety made her the perfect person to join our Digital Strategy team! She assists with everything from running our social media accounts and writing blogs, to keeping our demo portal and inventory up to date. She also does her best to keep Winn and his speaking schedule in order (quite a task!).

👉 Meg’s Blog Posts

Fun Facts: Meg has an adorable pet dog. When not working, she’s probably watching a good movie or indulging in the local art and music scene in Nashville.
JorgeProduction Assistant
With a degree in fine arts, a love for music, and an eye for design, Jorge approaches every project focused on detail, precision and creativity. He assists each production team, but spends most days working with our eLearning or Design team. He loves exploring the possibilities presented by interactive learning and gamified content.
Fun Facts: Jorge once auditioned for So You Think You Can Dance and spent a summer studying abroad in China. He currently manages a band called Radio Luxe, and would love to spend the rest of his life traveling the world trying different foods!