Meet Winn Schwartau, SAC’s President & Founder

Winn Schwartau is one of the world’s top experts on security, privacy, infowar, cyber-terrorism, and related topics. He is also the president and founder of The Security Awareness Company.

Winn is gifted at making highly technical security subjects understandable and entertaining. In addition to being called “The Civilian Architect of Information Warfare,” he is one of the country’s most sought after experts on information security, infrastructure protection, and electronic privacy. He has authored more than 12 security books and has been the recipient of a host of industry recognitions.

We consider ourselves lucky to be led by such a renowned guy! Winn likes to get his hands dirty, so-to-speak, often getting directly involved with many of our clients’ projects. He writes much of the content used in our materials, all while traveling the world and sharing his decades of knowledge at conferences.

  • Feb. 11 – 17: RSA Conference (San Francisco)
  • June 19 – 23: Hack in Paris
  • June 21: PECB Webinar on Security Programs, How can they Fail and Succeed? (Online)
  • June 24 – 25: Nuit du Hack (Paris)
  • July 24 – 26: Black Hat (Las Vegas)
  • July 27 – 30: Defcon XXV (Las Vegas)
  • Sept. 19: ISSA InfoSec Conference (Nashville)
  • Sept. 21 – 24: DerbyCon (Louisville)
  • Oct. 9 – 10: Hacker Halted (Atlanta)
  • Oct. 9 – 11: ISSA International (San Diego)
  • Dec. 4 – 5: NICE Conference (Nashville)
Winn Schwartau


If you see Winn, grab him for a selfie and tweet it to us @SecAwareCo!

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